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The Artist (2011): Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo, John Goodman

The Artist is a romantic comedic silent movie with brilliant acting, zero dialog and set solely in black and white film. The story surrounds a very famous silent movie star, George Valentin, played by Dujardin, who is confronted with a new opportunity to appear in  "talkies".  Fearing change, the unknown, or stubbornly sticking with bygone silent film successes, Valentin, clings to the past rather than embracing the present.  Peppy Miller, Bejo, is an up and coming silent film star who eagerly embraces "talkies" and consequently becomes a famous talking movie star.  Valentin's choices are the polar opposite. Valentin and Miller lives are intertwined in an old school love story.  The acting is superb, movie mesmerizing and the cinematography is reminiscent of the film, Rosebud.  Moreover, the dog steals the show. The story examines change and reminds everyone that the world is constantly evolving.  Life's journey is to try, change, fail, succeed or forever

Oscar Nominations - The 84th Academy Awards - February 26, 2012

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released the Oscar nominations for The 84th Academy Awards  to be held on  Sunday, February 26, 2012 .    The Academy votes are based on nostalgia, the story, script, acting, artistry and production.  They do not care for movies like Transformers .  And, instead select nominations for well crafted and developed films.  The voters are comprised of  the Hollywood elite including actors, actresses from young to old, producers and others connected with the film industry. Started in 1927 and is by invitation only - 5000 members. Let the final voting begin!!  And, as for evening black tie fashion - wait and see! Snubs :   Tilda  Swinton, Shailene Woodley, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, Steven Spielberg, Albert Brooks, David Fincher Surprises :   Demian Bichir First Time Nomination :   Gary Oldman - Tinker Tailor soldier Spy Most Nominations :  Hugo - 11; The Artist - 10 Here are the nominees in the top categories : Best Picture : "The

Golden Globe 2012 Forever Chic Style Overview

                                                               The 69th Golden Globe  soiree was attended by the Hollywood elite draped in fashion hues from snowy winter white, creamy nudes, skin tone blushes, vivid reds, electric yellows, deep blues and emerald greens. Many gowns were form fitting with fishtail hems, off the shoulder and in satin and frothy fabrics with perfect hair and makeup. The men wore midnight blue and black tuxes with Colin Firth taking the lead on men's fashion.   There were a few mishaps such as Johnny Depp and Madonna with a creative dress and overly buffed arms, yet both had taken care in planning the quirky looks. Most were stunning: Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone, Kate Beckinsale, Shailene Woodley, Stacy Keibler, Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren.  A star studded night with the Hollywood finest dressed to the nines celebrating and showing respect for fellow artists and the Hollywood Foreign Press.  Why not have fun and dress up! Forever Chic Style -  The

Golden Globes 2012 - Elegant Fashion and Hilarious Moments

Ricky Gervais was witty and mildly sarcastic, which made for a delightful show with the usual boring thank you speeches and odd quirky moments.  The award shows are always a bit dull.   Overall, here is a quick take on the overview of the Golden Globes 2012.   Top Movies in 2011 : All contain an underlying theme:  Change, acceptance, no blame game and new beginnings .  The Descendants , won the Golden Globe : workaholic who needed to change his life and becomes both mom and dad while is wife is in a coma; War Horse:  boy separated from horse, Joey, during WWI; MoneyBall : with a losing streak, tries something new and becomes a winning team; Melancolia : sister tries to change a mentally ill sister into a sunny person but no avail with a planet nearing earth; The Artist: actor in silent films refuses to embrace "talkies" and falls to the wayside of the movie industry only to start anew; The Help: a writer telling the story of the " help" and the society women du

Forever Chic Style - Fashion Memories - Golden Globes 2011

Last year fashion doyennes - Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie stole the Golden Globe show with show stopping ensembles.  2012 is set for another screen siren year of fashionistas finest moments with - Jolie, Beckinsale, Blunt, Latifah, Davis, Witherspoon, Vergara, Portman, Mirren, Kidman and many more!  Bound to be an unforgettable fashion night.   Here were last years winners from Forever Chic Style , Golden Globe 2011, January 16, 2011 Awards.  And, the winner is....... ________________________________________________________________________________      Forever Chic Style Runner-Up Anne Hathaway: “Retro Golden Goddess” Hathaway bar non screams Hollywood movie star siren over and over again.     The Armani Prive shimmering copper fitted gown emphasized this goddess’s svelte silhouette along with softly curled long hair and a red delicious smile.    The long glittering sleeves and puffed shoulders were novel and reminisce

69th Annual Golden Globes - Sunday - January 15 - 5:00 PM - NBC: Predictions

Voted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association - working journalists who cover the US - 90 members, 55 countries with 250M readership.  The Artist is getting rave reviews from the press.  Have not seen The Artist , Ides of March , Hugo or The Iron Lady.   More reviews to come after The Golden Globes. Forever Chic Cinema - Predictions : Best Motion Picture- Drama:  War Horse - though - The Descendants (Descendants might get the nod - last year The Social Network with The Kings Speech winning the Oscar).   Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture:  Viola Davis - The Help Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture:   Brad Pitt  - Moneyball.   Pitt will get the Oscar in February for The Tree of Life. Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical: Bridesmaids - Might go to The Artist Best Performance by an Actress in a Comedy or Musical: Kristin Wiig Best Performance of an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical:  Ryan Gosling - Crazy, Stupid, Love Best Performance

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows: Part 2 (2011): Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson

Harry Potter novel series, J.K. Rowling, as of June 2011 sold $450M copies. Harry Potter films have grossed approximately $7.7B worldwide.  Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows, Part 2 , is the last movie in this phenomenal book and film series that has captivated the imagination from the young and old for ten years.  Radcliff, Grint and Watson search for Voldermots remaining Horcruxes in the finale with the imminent desire to put an end to Lord Voldermot forevermore. Madcap storyline, visual effects with mesmerizing acting culminate in the finest hour.  Closing the saga is indeed bittersweet for Potter followers.  This final chapter is dark, wrestles good versus evil, sadness versus joy and completely satisfying for the viewer.   Sadly, good things all must come to an end. Hats off to J.K. Rowling for writing the series with passion and too the movie industry, which brought the books to life. Art, film and storytelling at its finest hour.  Peoples Choice Awards, 2011

Bridesmaids (2011): Kristen Whig; Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Jill Clayburgh, Rose Byrne

Bridesmaids is the ultimate adult girlfriend flick where one woman's envy, Whig as Annie Walker, competes with new friend, Bryne, Helen Harris over Rudolph, Lillian's friendship during her pre-wedding events.  An outrageous  and over the top comedy about unconditional love, unappreciated love via Mad Men's , John Hamm,  and every other component in between that exists in women's friendships.  Whig is absolutely hilarious along with McCarthy, Megan and Rudolf in the film.   The plane and car scenes are burst out loud worthy.  A couple of scenes are a bit gross but still funny with eyes shut.  Plan to laugh, cry and remember women need to love another rather than be jealous or envious of another's life.   For when the comparisons are examined, everything isn't as it seems.   Whig learns that appearances are indeed deceiving.  Learning to love oneself is the greatest gift to self and to others. And, McCarthy, teaches Whig the hard way with tough love.  Laugh, cry a

The Tree of Life (2011): Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Jessica Chastain

One man's, Jack, Penn, flashback on his life in the 1950's with a tough yet loving dad, Mr. O'Brien, Pitt. Depicts family life during simpler times - lay in the grass and dream, obey parents, play outside, learn to be a young man or young woman with specific roles. Many of the scenes were similar to generations growing up in 1960's and 1970's teaching youth to be tough and feminine. Mrs. O'Brien, Chastain, is perfection in the classic mother role - loving, kind, caretaker and homemaker.  Conversely, this spiritual movie contains Planet Earth images showing the connection between all living things.  Finally, the overall message is without love, without grace, there is only nature. Nature is oblivious to actions whereas grace knows the difference. Beautiful film - for people contemplating the meaning of existence and understanding that every action, every word has a consequence and an outcome.  Grace is what we need in today's chaotic world.    The Tree of Lif

The Help (2011): Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Bryce Dalla Howard, Sissy Spacek, Allison Janney, Cicely Tyson, Jessica Chastain

The Help is by far one of the best films of the year. If a fan of Ya Ya Sisterhood , the book and film and have read, "The Help", this flick is a must see. Three women, author Skeeter Phelan, Stone, Aibileen Clark, Davis and Octavia Spencer, Jackson, write a life altering book from the working maid's  point of view about the high society women during the 1960's.  The film is brilliant, with the ultimate mean girl, Hilly Hollbrook, Howard, and the new ditzy blonde on the block, Celia Foote, Chastian, combined with the maids, Davis and Spencer. The movie resonates for women who deal with the complicated and sometimes downright mean actions of other women.  Women can be a woman's worst enemy.  Additionally, the civil rights movement was occurring at the same time.  Davis and Spencer steal the show.  Frankly, mean girls are just mean and deserve chocolate pie!  Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastian will be nominated for an Oscar.       MUST SEE:   P

The Descendants (2011): George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Amara Miller

Classic storyline of a workaholic father, attorney Matt King, Clooney, absent from his home life   finds himself thrown into the mom’s role after a tragic accident leaves his wife in a coma.   Daughters, Alexandra King, Woodley, 17 and Scottie King, Miller, 10 are typical “4 seasons in a day” difficult young woman determined to make Clooney's life difficult. Clooney’s character is a descendant of an old Hawaiian family who owns 25K acres on Kauai, Hawaii.   His family cousins are in the process of selling off the land causing age old problems.   Film is well acted, moving, tearful and funny.   The Descendants - f amily bonding at its best:   Classic marriage, working husband, bored wife, difficult teen and precocious ten year old wrapped up in drama about coming together as a united family after a tragedy.   Clooney will be nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Dramatic Role at the Oscars.      MUST SEE :   Drama, great acting, excellent script, funny and tearful.  All and a

Moneyball (2011): Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Robin Wright

In 1997, Billy Beane, General Manager, Oakland A's, changes how the game of baseball is played by creating Baseball economics.  Based on the book, "Moneyball: the Art of Winning an Unfair Game".   Billy Beane, Pitt, hires Harvard graduated statistician, Peter Brandt, Hill, and together they hire players based on statistics rather than on popularity.  The acting is superb, baseball game exciting and the story keeps audience focused on the outcome. Excellent film about change; accepting change and what makes a team win versus losing. #1: Team attitude combined with best skills of each team member. #2: No one is a the team. #: Always team - team - team. Great Quote:   "Winning isn't everything; Winning is the Only thing".  Vince Lombardi Brad Pitt will be nominated for Best Leading Actor in a Dramatic film and Jonah Hill, Best Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Hill.  Stay tuned - batter up for the Oscars!      MUST SEE:   In theatres.  Feel good, gre

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011): Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgard, Joely Richardson, Robin Wright, Rooney Mara

The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo is a bone chilling masterful mystery thriller. Cold, dank, grey and dark set the tone of film in the land of ice and snow. Riveting, brilliant acting, twists and turns, while captivating the audience. Three hour film icily skates from shot to shot with gripping detail. Island in Sweden, demented and dysfunctional family, journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, Craig, comes to solve a 40 year old murder with help of investigator extraordinare, Lisbeth Salander, Mara.  Lisabeth is deeply tormented, wickedly intelligent and crafty.  The book sold 50M copies in 46 countries. Film is a must see. One of the best films of the year. Warning - very violent. Cover eyes and cringe through a few scenes of violent rape. Rooney Mara is a contender in 2011 for Best Leading Actress in a film.       MUST SEE:   In theatre now.  Warning - violent scenes of rape.

War Horse (2011): Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson, David Thewlis

Steven Spielberg has done it again! War Horse , is a film about a horse, Joey and young man named Albert, played by Jeremy Irvine, set in a sweeping tale of unconditional love between a man and a horse during WWI. The horse, Joey, travels great distances facing horrendous perils, yet poignantly changes lives along the way. Albert separated from Joey pursues an everlasting goal. The movie reminds us of the human condition, the horrors of war, and the unique brotherhood between mankind combined with the love of life and animals. The film's cinematography is reminiscent of the movie, Gone with The Wind . Breathtaking. Superb storytelling and acting along with the emotional pull that leaves one spellbound. Be ready to laugh, cry and too celebrate War Horse. Unforgettable.  Don't be surprised to see this film take a Golden Globe or two on 1/15 and an Oscar for Best Picture in February at the Oscars.      MUST SEE:   Playing now in the theatre.   Will not

The Kings Speech (2010): Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helana Bonama Carter

The Kings Speech won Best Film of 2010!  Brilliant.  The film was hands down the best of the year.   Everyone in the theatre clapped with uplifting enthusiasm and joy.  This emotionally gripping true story is about a speech therapist, Lionel Logue, Rush, helping the future King George VI, Firth, have the courage to overcome a stuttering impediment and  become King George VI with a clear voice on the brink of WWII.  Banter between Firth and Rush is unforgettable. Firth, won Best Actor for the film and deserved every inch of the golden statute. Witty and engaging. Reminding all that helping others is the ultimate reward in this life. Hollywood film at it's finest hour. RENT:   A Must SEE!  Do not miss this film.  Even Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed the film about her father.

The Social Network (2010): Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake

The Social Network was perhaps the most influential film of 2010.  Why? Because the story is about the evolution of Facebook, which today allows people to interact on a broad scale basis between  friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers across continents.   The film is based on Facebook, founder Mark Zuckerberg, Eisenberg, a Harvard student who developed the social network program. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Garfield, in the film claim Zuckerberg stole the social networking idea, while at Harvard.  In the end, the Winklevoss brothers and the co-founder were paid handsomely.  Timberlake is wickedly brash as Napster founder, Sean Parker.  Brilliant film on the evolution of The Facebook - Facebook. Interesting examination of college culture or for that matter group dynamics. To be or not to be...That is question. The story is well written, acting superb and overall a riveting film.  When it is all said and done - or all is fair in love and war - Facebook is here to stay.  Th

The Fighter (2010): Mark Walhberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Melissa Leo

Based on a true story about Dicky Eklund, Bale, and Micky Ward, Walhberg. The tale revolves around Eklund, a former regional Welterweight boxing champion who has a cocaine addiction and the brother, Ward, who is an up and coming boxer.  Excellent and uplifting film about two brothers and the crazy world of boxing. The sibling rivalry, addiction, family dynamics and elements of boxing - create a riveting movie. The acting is superb.  Bale won Best Supporting Actor and Melissa Leo won for Best Supporting Actress in 2010. RENT:   Drama - Feel Good Movie!

True Grit (2010): Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Hailee Steinfeld, Josh Brolin

Remake of the original True Grit (1969) starring John Wayne and Kim Darby.  Premise -US Marshall, Rooster Cogburn, Bridges, and Mattie Ross, Steinfeld, track down her fathers murderer.  True Grit  (2010) outshines the 1969 version with witty dialogue, western grit along with entertaining camaraderie between Bridges, Damon and Steinfeld.   Of course, the script is by the comedic Coen brothers.  Hailee Steinfeld, nominated in 2010 for Best Supporting Actress in a leading roll is terrific as Mattie Ross.  Brilliant acting, excellent script, rough and tough setting, tense, laughter too - better than the original. A Western that takes no mercy - harsh in a brutal world. Bridges is amazing as Cogburn and Damon is hilarious. RENT!    Definite must see! 

Black Swan (2010): Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel

Black Swan is a disturbing psychological thriller based on a ballerina's physically and mentally gruelling role in the ballet - The White Swan.  Portman, won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2010 for this movie. The portrayal of Princess Odette, White Swan, is brilliant along with the pirouette into insanity by becoming the Black Swan.  The film is deeply twisted and darkly meshed with jealousy, betrayal, lust, self loathing and a crazy parent with a  few typical Hollywood movie scenes.  Not uplifting or for the faint of heart.  PASS!   Unless enjoyment is found wallowing in dreary and depressing stories about dysfunctional personalities.  Seeing The White Swan at a ballet theatre seems more promising. Black Swan (2010)   Trailer :

The September Issue - Vogue Magazine - Documentary (2009): Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington

The September Issue , documentary, overviews the making and designing of the holy grail of all fashion magazines - American Vogue .  This documentary focuses on the evolution of the highly anticipated fall September issue.  Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue is portrayed as a driven professional with the ability to either make or break a designer.  Her skills in assessing a designer's collection, fabrics, style and fit are legendary. Frankly speaking, Wintour, dictates what is in and what will be in season after season in the apparel industry.  However, Grace Coddington, Creative Director, steals the film with visionary and creativity talents used in laying out a seasonal collection against an artistic backdrop.  The magazine is a masterpiece of visual art.  Fashionista's alike soak up the photos splashed across the pages each month.  Shockingly, the beauty displayed on the cover and in the fashion rag does not occur in the office of Vogue employees.  Instead, th

The Lipstick Effect - Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick

Move over Chanel, Dior, Lancome - an everlasting lipstick has arrived! Nothing stands out more than dramatic and richly hued lips against the grey backdrop of winter.  When searching for eye catching and show stopping lipstick - look no more!  Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick in 18 Forever Chic Style colors provides everything a fashionista desires for luscious lips.  Lipstick is infused with ingredients forming a ultra-creamy texture along with opulent and lasting hues. Favorites include: Casablanca , pink red tone; Black Orchid , a divine wine; Cherry Lush , delightful blue red and Crimson Nior , a vibrant true red.  Tom Ford Private Collection Nordstrom: Cost: $48 - worth every penny!  Note: "The Lipstick Effect" was coined after The Great Depression. Cosmetic sales rose between 1929-1933.  During touch economic times - a splurge on something lastin