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Jean Skirts - Fall 2023

  Sensational Skirts Photo by  Markus Spiske  on  Unsplash *Shopping Affiliate Links Included One month ago, I almost purchased a jean midi-skirt that hit below my knees.  I should have done it.  The one I wanted was sold out.  Of course, afterwards, I started seeing jean skirts everywhere in print, social media and in public. A fitted jean skirt is timeless combined with a white tee shirt or button down Add a sweater and boots in the fall and your chic and elegant.  You cannot go wrong.    Mind you, do not go below the midi length.  It does not look good if long and at your ankles.  Conversely, short miniskirts are not in vogue either unless you are under 30.  You look silly and are asking for unwanted attention.  Again, only the youth can pull off certain looks.  All the Botox, working out in the world does not defy your age.  Seeking out classic always signifies a woman of substance and self-confidence.  To prove my point, check out Christy Turlington at a recent runway show who is

Sweater Dress Season

  Fashionistas Set the Stage Photo by  Alex Block  on  Unsplash *Shopping Affiliate Links Included Sweater dresses are in vogue for Fall 2023.  Did you happen to see Nicole Kidman in a gorgeous pink, Self-Portrait  knit dress at the US Open that was figure flattering?  Of course, it is now sold out.  The dress was an instant sensation paired with flats.   Or how about Meghan Markle, on a major comeback, sporting a figure hugging wool-blend grey halter-neck knitted dress by Toteme ?  Both wore these sweater concoctions with aplomb.  What about you? I have found a few that are eye catching.   Not only are these numbers chic and elegant but will keep you warm during the cold days ahead.  The pink sweater dress like the one Nicole Kidman recently wore can be combined with flats or white leather tennis shoes for our current September weather. The other two selections can be paired with boots or pumps.  Pretty in Pink Staud Shoko Sweater Dress  The Sophisticate Paige Carmen Belted Long Sleev

"Suits" Is the Rage!

  Strong Suiting Comeback Photo by  Lance Reis  on  Unsplash "I win because that is what I do."  Harvey Spector (Suits - Netflix) I am late to the party.  The " Suits"  party that is.  We just started watching "Suits" on Netflix.  " Suits" (2011-2019) which has   nine seasons is being rerun in 2023 on Netflix.  Everywhere I go daily I hear, "Are you watching Suit's?"   What an entertaining, well-crafted, and executed series plus incredible fashion. Cast members Rachel Zane, (Meghan Markle), Jessica Pearson, (Gina Torres), and Donna Paulson (Susan Rafferty) stand out sporting suit jackets, pencil skirts, high heels, blouses, subtle jewelry, and makeup. They walk with presence, grace, speak eloquently, are witty and intellectual about the law all the while exuding elegance.  Of course, Harvy Spector, (Gabriel Macht), Mike Ross, (Patrick J. Adams) and Louis Lit, (Rick Hoffman) hold their own in high-end suits with custom made shirts.