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Prep School is Back

  Classic Apparel, Manners & Color Warmth "Preppy clothes are built to last, since they certainly will not go out of style." Lisa Birnbach The Official Preppy Handbook, in 1980, edited by Lisa Birnbach, made Bunny and Bif waves across college campuses and became the epicenter of the preppy movement.  (If you have a copy, you are in luck.  It is a difficult book to find.)  Everyone was quoting from this Muffy, Buffy brilliantly sassy "Let's cruise," reference guide, all the while adorning duck shoes for rain puddles and transforming into a preppy student sporting classic and subdued attire.  I remember my book well, which I still have, enjoying the witty writing and humorous declarations as I walked to and from class in my red duck shoes.  The book outlined manners, what to wear, appropriate preppy names and how to behave in public.  The chapters were a satire of sorts which made the book that more entertaining.  A follow up book,   True Prep , It's a Wh