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Drybar Hair!

Double Duty Magician Shopping contains affiliate content.  If you select and order from this site, I earn a small commission. Thanks for shopping in advance!  Let's Chat Recently, at a local department store, I received a hair blowout using the Drybar Double Shot Dryer Brush .   A sales representative noticed me and asked if I wanted a hair blowout?  I was waiting for someone and thought why not!  To start with the stylist used several Drybar products on my hair, which by the way smells divine, plus a fabulous detangle brush that rivals my Mason Pearson hairbrushes.  They then proceeded with the blowout.  What I loved was that instead of using a hair dryer and then a styling tool, this number was an all-in-one hair wizard.  The results were runway stunning.  Additionally, if you are a vacationing fashionista or an active cannot sit still traveler, you will love packing only one hair tool.  You will be able to create curls, waves, or shiny straight hair. Please note semi-dry hair