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Best Cyber Monday - Nordstrom Style

Click, Click and More Clicks Links Included for Your Special Touch The hustle and bustle has commenced.  You can see it in the eyes of everyone with that deer in the head lights look signaling here we go again.  The malls are a zoo, the Christmas songs are blaring, driving is now a bit of a nightmare, trees are on top of cars and friends and family are eagerly decorating.  The boxes come out, the lights go up and the spirit of the holiday is once again upon us.  It is so fun to decorate and enjoy the frenzy around.  Yet, when it comes to shopping for loved ones, a simple click is so much easier than racing through the mall.  And, folks today is the day  - Cyber Monday. Nordstrom Cyber Monday deal through today - Spend $250 and receive $50 back.  The $50 back must be used by February 2, 2019.  Top Cyber Monday Picks Rainy Days - Hunter Keep Me Warm! Great Deal! Reversible Too - BP Scarf Elegant Coat - Piana Wool Fabr

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

The Power Shopper Links Included for Your Special Touch Ready, set and click away.  Thanksgiving is over and the official start to holiday shopping madness is in full merriment and ho, ho, ho, swing.  Grab your coffee, start your computer, laptop, iPad or smart phone. With one click, your favorite gifts for loved ones are on the way to your doorstep.  By the way, did you know that analysts predict that today alone $28 Billion will be spent on gifts with a projection of $1 Trillion will be spent over  this holiday season.   This is more than any other holiday spending in United States history.  Astounding....Just what are you waiting for?   I.  The Sophisticate - Kate Spade Style Bracelets:  Similar to Cartier bracelets.  These can be stacked and worn with elegance.  Silver, Gold, Rose Gold with Bezel Set Crystals "Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique" - Elizabeth Taylor

7 Black Friday Shopping Tips & Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Grateful this Holiday Season Coming together during Thanksgiving can be a joyful time filled with laughter, love and a thankfulness.  In 2018, there is so much to be appreciate from our friends, family and the glorious beauty around us everyday.  Perhaps you have had blinders on and have let  negative energy become your calling card.  It is so easy when the world at large is similar to scenes from Alice in Wonderland  with a Mad Hatter Tea Party constantly percolating in the background of life.   The daily bombardment of anger and hate has a tendency to seep into cracks with social media and media constantly chirping.  Yet, with a swift turning off the negative Nelly's and Ned's, suddenly the world is once again delightful and filled with love.   I am not saying put your head in the sand but instead be grateful for what you have and let the negative whirlwind dissipate.  Especially, when we are heading into the holiday season.  Don't let the holidays be d