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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - 3rd Round

Beauty and Baubles Links to Products Included! Here are a few of my favorite makeup sources and accessories.  Some of them I bought last year and plan on purchasing again this year.  For me, many of the items are staples in my wardrobe and in my beauty regime.  One of them is perfect for my house. Additionally, this is the perfect time to pick up all the basics you need for fall and winter.  Enjoy.  National Lipstick Day - July 29, 2018 "I believe all women are beautiful without makeup - but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful" Bobbi Brown Looking for the perfect pink lip?  Charlotte Tilbury's set is essential.  I purchased mine last year and just bought the new hues for pretty in pink pout.  Love it! Charlotte Tilbury- The Pretty Pink Lipstick Set Hot Pink Lips -  For a brighter pink lip.  Love Yves Saint Laurent's lip stain. The best. Great trio! Yves Saint Lauren Pink Lip Set ___

Nordstrom More Top Picks

Second Look Getting Down to Basics! LINKS INCLUDED Round two on basics required for fall fashion 2018. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which officially starts today July 20th!   The sale will end on August 5, 2018 .  Here are a few more must haves to fill your closet for the this year and years to come.  Remember purchase quality! You will not regret it.  Alice - Nordstrom Looking Glass These Boots Are Made for Walking..... Classic Style - Lasts Forever! Fit is true to size.  You will not be disappointed. Love mine from last year! Black leather and Espresso waterproof suede.  Aquatalia Letizia Weatherproof Boot Over the Knee!  All reviews state these are the boots to purchase now. Pointed toe and 2 inch heel. Need I say more? Steve Madden Brinkley Over the Knee Stretch Pajamas for Cold Nights Going once, going twice - sold.  These are selling out fast.  Get your fingers clicking.  Soft, comfortabl

Nordstrom Anniversary Pre-Sale - July 12th - July 19th

Are you Ready?  Did you receive your catalog? Have you Clicked On-Line?  My First Impression Picks Calling ALL Nordstrom Card Holders!!!! EARLY ACCESS - July 12th - July 19th "Shopping for quality fashion pieces is an art form"  July is finally here and summer has officially commenced. The weather is warm and the sun is shining.  Along with summer festivities is the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale .  For fall and winter 2018, think plaids, fur accents, statement bows, polka dots, color laden animal prints, bright tights and hues of pink, red, magenta and rust. Additionally, shopping has never been better with just a click, your item will be on your doorstep in no time.  No more rushing around like a mad women.  For me, the sale is always about purchasing needed items and maybe one or two statement pieces.   Sassy Sneaker All Leather in Rose  Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Ox Low Top Sneaker The Trench

Yellow Mania - Kim's Musing for July 8, 2018

Yellow is the Word..... Everywhere you look the color yellow is making a star studded statement.   Yellow signifies happiness, joy, optimism, good health and overall makes everyone smile.  You just can't help notice how the many shades of yellow combined with upbeat energy connect one another with elation.  Lately, I have been thinking how important it is to be apart of something and how essential a network of friends is on a daily basis. The daily community could be from a sport, job or any other activity that is shared and fosters unconditional acceptance.  With my tennis group, we vary in thoughts, religions, race and yet because of a little yellow - yes yellow - tennis ball we are united.  Our daily lunches after partaking in a vigorous game of tennis are entertaining, enlightening and filled with lively exchanges that inspire thought about the world at large.   Even in heated moments, we look at each other, laugh and realize we are just a very small

July 4, 2018 - Apparel

It's Time to Celebrate! Every year we celebrate the Fourth of July with hope, love and joy.  We surround ourselves with family, friends and others who are thankful for their life in our great nation.   We partake in parades, outings, eat, drink and be merry while watching fireworks all in the name of freedom.  Yes, I am proud to be an American.  I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July in this great year of 2018.  Here are a few fashion picks of red, white and blue to sparkle your day.  Hand me a sparkler - please!! Shopping Myth: Spend Less, Buy Bargains will save you Money! -  Not!  Recently at a summer soiree - I wore an expensive classic pair of pumps that I have owned for eight years - walked and danced the night away.  My feet did not hurt in the slightest at the end of the night. You can purchase cheap apparel and shoes but you will pay the price physically and the item will not last years to come.  Thus, you ultimately  will s pend more mo