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Nordstrom After Christmas - Shopping - New Years

Bringing in the New Year - 2017 The Past - Aftermath of Shopping Nordstrom The Future - Click Away in Peace  The holidays of 2016 are coming to a close after joyously imbibing with family and friends.  After the yearly hoping for a"Norman Rockwell" affair, which by the way rarely occurs, signals the beginning of the annual gift return madness.   The lunacy among the eager crowds seeking out parking and bumping into one another on a mission to return gifts and snap up something new and shiny can end in frustration or a mild breakdown. Yet with a click or a touch the chaos is simply and wonderfully gone. Just what is on sale, what is trendy and classic for the New Year's holiday or what is a great steal or deal after the swirl of boxes, paper and ribbons have been thrown away? Ahhh the games have commenced.  Yes, thank you for the lovely gifts but now is the time of shopping for the New Year of 2017.  Partake online and pray tell avoid the cr

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Merry Christmas Eve & Christmas Day May your holiday be filled with joy, happiness and laughter.   As this year 2016 comes to a close let's celebrate with our friends and family with a toast and a cheer.  Enjoy the festivities, partake in the bubbly and give thanks.  Remember those who have passed, remember to give and remember to smile and acknowledge all with poise, grace and kindness.  Thank you for your support of Forever Chic Style in 2016.  It has indeed been and will continue to be a jolly pleasure.   Merry Merry!  Kim Hardwick - Forever Chic Style

Winter Cold Apparel

Let it Snow!  Ready for the snow filled days of winter?  Beautiful crystals falling from the sky blanketing the land with glorious fluffy white. The first snow fall is magical and delights the spirit and the heart. Memories of making snow angels, throwing snow balls or watching from warm inside beside a fire the dance of snow brings smiles and excitement.  Images of skiing, walking or just sloshing through the elements come to mind.  And, with these thoughts ideas percolate on just what to wear?  Here are few necessities.  The Mad Hatter I.  The Pompom:  It is paramount to have a functional everyday hat for winter.  The Pompom can be delightfully joyous.   Select black  or cream.  Smashing I say...  For Creative Fun  Love this Number - Hand Made, 50% Wool, Lined with Fox Fur Kyi Kyi Genuine Fox Pompom Hat For Daily Affair The "It" Girl of the Moment! II.  The Slouchy Cashmere:  Cashmere - ne

Holiday Gifts - Last Minute Dash

"Dashing Through the Snow, Internet or Mall" The holiday hysteria is reaching a frenzy.  To be noted, many items are selling out fast in-store and online orders are getting bombarded with the frenetic shopping insanity.   Yet, if ordered now online the gift will be received promptly and on time.   In fact, department stores are indeed low on stock whereas online is plentiful.  If off to the mall be prepared with the following spending excursion tips.   Or just enjoy the click of a finger and have the gift arrive on the doorstep promptly before the holiday is here.  Five Shopping Tips Create a detailed list.   Wear comfortable shoes and be on a mission when heading to local department store or mall.  Stick to a budget.   Treat yourself with a latte or something on the way in to the chaos. Don't stress, smile and be upbeat with the holiday spirit. Have fun! Chat with the sale person.  See friends, marvel at decorations, enjoy the music and hustle

Christmas Gifts Her: The Lux Little Gifts - Under $100

"Holiday Pleasures" Small Santa gifts are the most coveted by the beholder.  Remember Christmas movies when the one wish was granted?  The happiness was paramount and the one sole gift brightened the world and gratefulness was ever present.  A desire to go back in time and present the "one magical gift" is important and on point this holiday season.  While selecting the "one all encompassing gift" surround with  lux little gifts  that are thoughtful, usable and gladly accepted by the recipient.  A candle, trinket, pajamas, lotion, perfumes and other accessories not often purchased seemed to bring a Santa-like smile to one and to all.    Light up this holiday season with   l ux little gifts and sprinkle the trimmings with family, friends, laughter and loved ones.  Spread good cheer, holiday magic and enjoy the festivities abound.  _____ Ho! Ho! Ho! Winter Scarf Wrap II.  Cozy Plaid Scarf:  Wrapp