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Fashion Picks - February 2023

  Born to Shop! "Happiness is not money, but in shopping." - Marilyn Monroe The ultimate world for a shopper is a well organized closet filled with lots of color and classic apparel that allows one to dress quickly.  The coveted and filled spaces fascinates the mind with fresh combinations.  It is a reminder that fashion is art.  Clothing is art.  Color is art.  Thus, shopping and owning apparel is not only essential but an artistic endeavor.   If you are like me, you love shiny and new.  Your ear is to the ground and your eyes are always searching for the next "exciting" item to add to your collections.  Before we get lost in my new finds, please assess what you have already acquired.  You may find that you already have enough.   Chose anything new wisely.  If you have been buying classic apparel, your hidden secrets are timeless.  I am not one for trends and rather cling to items that are lasting for years to come.  Favorite Brands Number 1 Melinda Maria Jewelry &

Positive Vibes

  Spring is Coming "Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you." - Mary Lou Retton February, a new month of hope, love and joy is upon us.  Time is flying by and hopefully you are enjoying the changes in the air.  We can feel spring is fast approaching.  With the sun shining, daffodils coming forth, all signaling fresh opportunities. We just need to "see" the doors open and take the road less traveled.  It is easy to get caught up in a negative whirlwind or listen to those living in fear.  Instead, seek out positive energy.  The best way to start is to be a leader in sharing a positive vibe.     Think of successful people who no matter what happens find the exceptional in any event.  For instance, my tennis team lost all three courts last Friday.  We could have been angry, stomped off and headed straight home blaming ourselves for the shots that were missed.  Instead, we got in the car, and went back to our