Sorority Rush - Tips, Conversation and What to Wear! Updated for 2014


Interested in joining a sorority at the college you are attending this year?  If so, there is a process that helps one prepare for Rush.  First, lets squash what sororities are not and instead focus on what they are for students at college.  Second, understand the process. Third, discuss what to talk about and what to wear.  Finally, understand that this one opportunity can and will change ones life forever.

What Sororities Are NOT!

Sorority Ladies are NOT El Woods, Reese Witherspoon, "Legally Blonde" (2001)

First of all, let's clear the air about sororities.  Sororities are a lifelong commitment where a group of intelligent, savvy and amazing young women live together, build lasting lifelong friendships, walk to class together, eat together and watch out for one another when going to school on a large campus.  Additionally, let it be known loud and clear, "sorority girls are not Reese Witherspoon's character, El Woods from the movie, Legally Blonde!"  Many young ladies work off campus during the school year and summers, give back to society, are in leadership roles within the house and basically are high achievers.  The resumes I receive as a Chi Omega Area Recruitment Information Chair in the State of Washington are mind boggling. These young ladies are smart, philanthropic and go getter's.  They have achieved more by the time they are 18 than most people in a lifetime.   Additionally, sorority life today is rich with diversity, which is important in a changing world.

Why Join a Sorority?

Chi Omega - University of Washington


  1. Connected: Way to easily navigate and fit in on a large campus when apart of a sorority
  2. Safety: Walk on and off campus together to classes etc., - safety in numbers
  3. Friends:  Instant friends obtained
  4. Sisters for Life: Lifelong friendships
  5. Give Back: Involved in the local community during college years and beyond
  6. Work Connections:  Develop strong connections for job opportunities and community organizations
  7. Superior Study Habits:  Study together - often libraries in house and also walk to campus together to study
  8. Maintain High Grade Point:  High grade point must be maintained to remain in sorority
  9. Leadership Skills:  Develop skills for leading groups and participating in groups
  10. Different Personalities: Learn how to deal with all types of people - difficult, easy going etc.
  11. Parents & Safety:  Understanding that someone is always watching over your daughter, studying and school is important and that they are in a "safe" environment
  12. Security Alarm on Houses:  Most have key pads for extra security on all entrances and on each floor in the house
  13. House Mothers:  There is often a house mother that lives in the house and is in charge of a variety of house issues. This is an additional person who is also aware of everything going on in the house. 
  14. Live In House:  4 year commitment.   Sometimes there is an annex house for the seniors.
  15. Sororities Age:  Prefer new members to be Freshman or Sophomores when joining a sorority. There can be exceptions.
  16. Goal - College Degree:  Obtain a college degree, while building lifelong friendships and connections, work hard and play hard in a safe and memorable environment.

"In other words - A Sorority - Greek life prepares one for the world beyond the college years".

Expectations of a Sorority

"A Sorority is Not a Dorm nor an Apartment"

  1. Team Player:  Must be a team player.  There are lots of required group activities
  2. House Rules:  Some rules for the house
  3. Group Dynamics:  Weekly meeting with sorority sisters that oversee the ladies in the house.  President, Vice President, Secretary, Rush Chair etc.
  4. Be a Leader:  Opportunity to be in a Leadership Role
  5. Meals:  Dinner together in evenings with lunch and breakfast provided during day
  6. Socializing:  Exchanges with Fraternities and friendships formed from other sororities
  7. Philanthropy:  Each house has a fundraising campaign with the opportunity to give back
  8. Study Hard & Play Hard:  Yes, one can do both in the Greek System.
  9. Accountable  & Responsible:  Part of a team and your actions do matter in the house and in the community.  
  10. Fun & Physical:   Football games, Basketball games etc.,  and lots of physical activities such as running, biking, tennis and much more.

What is the Rush Process?

It is that time of year when young ladies are sent off to college for rush recruitment in the Greek system at local universities across the country.  It is wise to obtain alumna recommendations for each sorority. Rush is where the house active members are recruiting new members similar to an interview for a job or going on a date. The process lasts for about a week and consists of visiting each house.  The houses have procedures that helps select the new members for the incoming year.  It is important to send the appropriate information to Alumnae Only prior to the start of Rush.  Most sororities require a resume and photo that is sent in ONLY by Alumna.   By sending the appropriate information to the alumna - the alumna contacts will be able to enter the information online and or send hard copy to the Recruitment Chairs at their house.  The goal is help the active members learn about potential new members prior to formal Rush.

The Necessary Steps

  • The Resume -  Online and Hard Copy

Sorority Resume Framework - Example



Address, Cell Phone, Email Address


High School:                                                                                           Graduated Spring
Overall Final High School GPA:
AP and Honors Classes: List out

JOB EXPERIENCE – List Jobs with Descriptions and Dates


HONORS AND AWARDS – List with Descriptions and Dates

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE – List with Descriptions and Dates

CONNECTIONS TO OTHER SORORITIES & FRATERNITIES – List Connections – Who, When and Which Greek house and School

  • Senior Photo - Online and Hard Copy - Pocket size is sufficient
  • University Website - Locate a list of all sororities on campus.  Review Panhellenic Recommendations for Rush.
  • Locate & Contact Alumnae:
    • Begin with parent's friends and high school teachers
    • Moms who are alumna of a sorority:  It is okay to write a recommendation for your daughter!
  • REMEMBEROnly Alumnae can write recommendations.  Does not accept recommendations from active sorority women.
  • Send Materials to Alumna: Resume, photo & short cover letter to alumna for recommendation online or hardcopy. 
  • Thank You:  Thank Alumna for helping you.
  • DO NOT:  Do NOT send  information in yourself to the sorority or contact sorority sisters to help you out.
  • Follow Up with Alumna:  Send a follow-up email or phone call to the alumna - check-in on the status of your recommendation.  

NOTE:  You will NOT receive confirmation that a sorority received your information.


Now What?

"What do I talk about and what do I wear for Rush?"

Conversation Tips

Your New Motto: "Interested is Interesting"

Can you think of someone who you instantly like after meeting them?  Have you ever wondered why? Next time, you meet a person that you like - take a moment and examine why?  Some people are highly skilled at the "art of conversation".  The art of conversation is the back and forth communication between two people that is quick and flows easily.  These conversationalists tend to ask lots of questions about the person they are talking too. They rarely talk about themselves.  And, when asked a question, they quickly answer and then pick up the thread of the conversation.  They will never talk about themselves incessantly.   They can also discuss many subjects and are never boring because deep down they are always curious. Additionally, they never talk down to people or ever think they are better than someone else.  They look you in the eye, smile and begin chatting.  


  • Be Prepared to Answer Questions:  When asked by the active in the house - discuss your summer, what you want to do in college, what you did in high school that you enjoyed.  Why you want to be in a sorority?  My mother, brother or friend was in a sorority and they loved it and their best friends were in the same sorority.  Or, I had heard about the Greek system and wanted to participate since I am going to a large school.  I want to be a part of a community that gives back to society plus enjoy the college life together with my new girlfriends. Answer quickly, honestly and be prepared to ask questions back. 
  • Ask Questions Back:  What is it like living in this house?  What is the philanthropy project?  How did you like your first year? What year are you?
  • Keep Answers Short:  Answer questions with enthusiasm - do not drone on and on. No one really wants to know every little detail about your achievements.
  • Brush Up on Current Events:  You never know.  Most likely, will not discuss.
  • Think of Summer Experiences:  If asked be prepared to mention something interesting from the summer. 
  • Speak and Listen More
  • Practice Makes Perfect:  Take a bit of time and practice answering some of the above questions prior to Rush. Perhaps in front of a mirror. Practice does make perfect. And, increases self confidence.
  • Knowledge is Power:  If you have time research the houses.  They all have websites at the college. Knowledge is power and makes one likeable if you know a little bit more about something.  
  • Show Enthusiasm:  Be excited and show passion when you are talking. Be upbeat.
  • Compliment:  Nice house, your dress is pretty etc. Remember be sincere.

Angelina Jolie - A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words

  • Smile:  A real smile demonstrates that you are open and friendly.
  • Again think of this motto - Interested is Interesting:  Ask the person talking to you about themselves.  Where are you from? What year are you? What are you studying? What is the Greek life like?  They will remember you.

  • Thank you:  Thank the people you interact with at the houses. State "It was nice to meet you and speaking with you. Have fun during Rush."
  • Mints:  Have mints on hand and pop them in before entering a house.   
  • Water:  Keep hydrated.  


Don't chew gum!

  • Gum:  Do not chew gum.  Tacky!
  • Swearing or Slang Words:  Refrain from swearing or using slang verbiage.  It does not make you appear hip and cool in fact is quite the opposite.

Leonardo DiCaprio - The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

  • Money, Money, Money:  Do NOT talk about money.  Do not mentioned that you always vacation in the Hampton's via a private jet.  Or that my dad is a famous heart surgeon.  Or that I live in a  mansion on the lake.  Or that you spend a lot on clothes. WHY? Because no one cares and it makes a bad impression.   Remember - you never know who you are talking too.
  • Embellishing Who You Are:  Do not create outlandish stories about yourself.  Everyone always finds out the truth.
  • Name Dropping:  Do not name drop unless it is a mutual high school connection.

Julie Bowen as MOTHER - Claire Dunphy on Modern Family
  • My Mother is Making Me:  Do not tell people that your mother is making you go through Rush.
  • Already Decided Which House:  Do not tell the house actives that you are meant for Kappa, Chi or Alpha house.  

  • Debbie Downer:  Do not be negative or throw a bucket of cold water on a tale.  Or tell stories of personal hardship.  Again, you do not know who you are talking too.  Everyone wants you to be having fun through rush. Discussing your personal life history is boring and shows bad taste. You have already made it over the hurdle and were accepted to the school.  Be proud and not a Debbie Downer.

  • Mind your manners: 
    • Do not eat with mouth open. 
    • Do not sit without crossing legs. 
    • Do not pick teeth or make noises.
    • Understand basic manners such as - "Yes, please"; "No, Thank you"
    • Understand cutlery. 
    • Do not eat all the food placed in front of you.  In fact, refrain from eating or drinking much if offered. 

  • Recommend to Buy:  Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette - 50th Anniversary Edition, by Nancy Tuckerman & Nancy Dunnan.   The book is filled with tips and information on manners and etiquette.

Amy Vanderbilt - Complete Bood of Etiquette


Beauty & Grooming & Essentials 

Hair, Nails, Makeup, Cell Phone etc.

Katie Holmes - Long Hair & Short Hair

    • Long hair - Short hair:  Recently trimmed.  If long curl or straighten.  Keep freshly washed.

    • Mani and Pedi: Paint your nails in a neutral or a bright fun color as well as your toes. Match the colors.

Scarlett Johansson

    • Makeup: Keep makeup on face light and not overly made up with lots of black liner, mascara and eye shadow used for a night out on the town.  Make sure lipstick does not stain your teeth.   
Just say No to False Eyelashes

    • False eyelashes:  If wearing false eyelashes only select those that look normal. They can be a bit too much for daytime.
kate spade new york - 'cedar street - monday' crossbody bag - Nordstrom - $118.40

    • Small Purse: Small purse for mints, lipstick & cell phone
    • Mirror:  Have a small mirror in your purse that you can use to check makeup between houses.
    • Sunscreen:  Wear sunscreen on your face, arms etc.  You will be walking in the heat and do not want to get burned.

    • Perfume:  Spritz on perfume. Not to much. 
    • Tattoo's and Piercing:  Cover tattoo's and remove visible piercings from the mouth, nose, eyebrow etc.. While you think these symbols make you an unique individual - it instead detracts from you while you are conversing.
    • Jewelry:  Keep it simple; diamond studs, a couple of bracelets and rings.  Nothing noisy.

Keep Cell Phone in Handbag and Off

DO NOT Bring Your Cell into House and Look at During Rush

    • CELL PHONE:  Turn your phone OFF during rush. You do not want the cell phone to ring or vibrate while talking to people.  Keep it in your purse and out of sight. 

    • Wear a WATCH:  Wear a watch to keep track of time.  Only use your cell phone when outside walking between houses.
    • Do NOT Wear:  No scuffed shoes or sandals.  Instead - opt for polished and well cared for shoes.

Rush Apparel Choices

Taylor Swift
    • Day 1 & Day 2:   Wear flattering shorts or a short skirt with a tank top or a blouse that is light and airy.   Wear flats or very low heels.  You will be walking most likely to over 10 houses depending on the school and often the houses are spread out.  Forget high heels.  No cleavage or super tight fitting tank tops.  No nylons.  Flatter your figure - do not show off the dreaded "muffin top".  Chose colors that flatter you. 
    • Day 3:  Skirt with and fun top.

Taylor Swift - Sundresses (2011)

    • Day 4:  Sundress or skirt with a pretty top with wedges.

Taylor Swift - Sundress

    • Day 5:  Fancy sundress or an elegant sheath dress with wedges or heels. 
    • Once in a Sorority - Presentation Night:  Some sororities, once you have pledged a house, have a open house event for parents, friends and the new pledges.  The dress code varies for each house on this night - could be a long dress or short dress.  The house will inform one of the dress code.

Good Luck, Relax and Be Yourself

Remember, the house that becomes your new home will start a wonderful lifelong adventure.  Never fear -  there isn't a bad house on any campus thus do not listen to anyone but yourself when going through Rush. There are always wonderful ladies to meet and to establish friendships in all the houses.  Therefore, do not have expectations on which house is "the one" since ladies on the ball always find a way to succeed in any environment. And, the relationships forged will weather the test of time with lots of love and sisterly care.  Sisterhood is a wonderful path to happiness during college and beyond. 

Audrey Hepburn

"Be yourself, have fun and enjoy the process!  More importantly, enjoy the college years, experiences and friends that are made.  These ladies in your sorority will be friends for life".


Kim Hardwick - Forever Chic Style 

    66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 2014 - The Red Carpet

    Lights, Camera, Action.....

    "The Telly" - Television is the New Theatre!


    Breaking Bad - AMC (2008 - 2013) 
    The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards proved that the hottest cinema feat of the night was the hit dramatic series on Breaking Bad (AMC), which ended in 2013.  Breaking Bad, Walter White and crew, swept the floor securing Best Drama Series, Best Actor, Brian Cranston, aka Walter, Best Supporting Actress, Anna Gunn, and Best Supporting Actor, Aaron Paul - who by the way gave the best acceptance speech of the night.   And, comedic show Modern Family, making fun of everyday life on ABC, once again for the fifth time, now tied with Frasier, danced in and stole the Best Comedy Series award. 
    Modern Family - ABC (2009 - Present)
    The message is clear - network television and cable television are the new theatre! The Telly has slowly stomped on the movie industry with the following list of incredible shows with A-listers scrambling to be part of the new wave.  Must See:  Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Ray Donovan, The Leftovers, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Homeland, The Americans, House of Cards, Mr. Selfridge, Fargo, True Detectives, Justified, The White Queen, Walking Dead, The Outlander to name just a few...whew...

    As for The Red Carpet Fashion...... 

    Glorious television Technicolor of variety of shades of reds, whites and blues hit the red carpet in full force on Monday, August 25, 2014 at the annual 66th Annual Primetime Emmy extravaganza.  The dizzying array of apparel fashionista frocks with ravishing hair and makeup stopped the show and made for an entertaining evening.   Of course, only when combined with winning smiles and engaging personalities did the A-Listers and television queens become the "it" ladies of the night.  Why, even the men broke out of the classic black tux and opted for a midnight blue tux.  After all, the Emmy's are the precursor to the celebratory Golden Globes and Oscar soirees to follow.  Yet, something was in the air - could the Emmy's become the heavy hitter over the Oscars in years to come? With change in cinema viewership moving towards the telly - could the wind of change be on the way when it comes to The Red Carpet?  Only time will tell.  


    “A woman’s dress should be a like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” —Sophia Loren


    The Red Divas 

    Heidi Klum, Sarah Hyland, Claire Danes, January Jones

    Heidi Klum, Minnie Driver, Sarah Hyland, Octavia Spencer

    The Snow Queens

    Kristen Wiig, Laverne Cox, Sophia Vergara

    The Blue Stars 

    Mayim Bialik, Keke Palmer, Viola Davis


    "You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." —Edith Head

    Grace Kelly - Rear Window 1954 - Gown Designed by Edith Head

    Forever Chic Style - "The Stylish"


    Julia Louis-Dreyfus - The Vice President - Rocking the Red

    Dreyfus won the Emmy for the Best Actress in a Comedy series for the quirky and bumbling portrayal of character, Selina Meyer, Vice President of the United States played on Veep (HBO).  The show is outright hilarious with Dreyfus nailing the humor scale every time along with the incredibly talented and witty ensemble.  The ravishing fitted raspberry gown by Carolina Herrera screamed perfection with simplicity and feminine curves.  Meyer, oops Dreyfus, wore the dress befitting of a Vice President or by a fashionista with a knack for comedic genius with a magic touch.  All hail the VP!



    January Jones - Alter Ego Betty - Classically Stunning

    When January Jones sashayed down the red carpet all heads turned.   The strapless Prabel Gurung full gown in vivid red against flawless skin kept the flashbulbs exploding and jaws dropping.  Betty Draper, Jones, from Mad Men (AMC) did not disappoint and instead wowed the crowd with exceptional fashion taste and pizzazz. Betty and January a winning combination when it comes to fashion sense.


    Claire Danes - Crazy Carrie - Captured the Evening

    Homeland's (Showtime) radical CIA Bi-Polar star, Carrie - Danes was the essence of sophistication and rare beauty on the every red carpet.  The Givenchy riveting red frock with lace cutouts, bejeweled neckline and red lips mesmerized the audience and perhaps would have moved the telly love interest Brody, aka Damian Lewis.  Of course, Brody has now departed from the show.  Danes took no chances and was a "Belle of the Ball" on this spectacular night.




    Kristen Wiig - Funny Girl - Stunned in White

    Wiig nominated for Outstanding actress in a TV miniseries or movie for "The Spoils of Babylon" a parody miniseries about the '70's and the '80's, dressed to impress.  The ivory silk charmeuse Vera Wang gown accentuated Wiig's curves and slim figure.  The short blonde hair, nude lips and the black strappy shoes completed the ensemble with relish.  This Bridesmaid didn't waste time being silly or dressing without a care and instead stepped up the game and was positively stunning.



    Anna Chlumsky - White Goddess - Right Hand to VP 

    Chlumsky, nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy - Veep (HBO), chose a white Zac Posen stately gown and added a pair of vivid red drop earrings by Stephen Russell.  The effect was golden hued and glamorous though very Vice Presidential.  Which was fitting as Chlumsky plays the straight laced character, Julia - Chief of Staff to Vice-President, to the crazed Selina, Julia Louis -Dreyfus, - Vice President on Veep.  


    Taylor Schilling - Champagne is the New Black  

    Yes, Orange is the New Black (Netflix), however Schilling, nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy, as Piper Kerman, was charmingly lovely in a cream sparkly Zuhair Murad piece.  This magnetic actress was polished and a far cry from the character's jail orange suited up Piper while posing for camera's.  Brilliantly played my dear.  Brilliantly played.    


    Viola Davis - How to Get Away with Murder - ABC - Kills It 

    Davis, was phenomenal in the movie, The Help -2011, as Aibileen Clark.  The performance was unforgettable in a film that can be seen over and over again.   Davis, like all of her A-Lister performances, on the big screen, was elegant and gracious in a gorgeous royal blue Escada frock.  Frankly, Davis, killed it on the Red Carpet and will soon be seen on ABC's new law show, How to Get Away with Murder, (ABC) airs Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 10:00 p.m.  With Davis on the cast, the show is bound to be a hands down winner.  Watch the trailer and tune in.

    How to Get Away with Murder - ABC

    Edie Falco - Pill Popping Jackie was an Eye-Popping Beauty 

    Falco, Nurse Jackie (Showtime), nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy was svelte and glorious on the red carpet.  This fashionista wore an Escada concoction in riveting hue of blue.  The winning combination was indeed eye-popping so opposite of Falco's character portrayal of the pill-popping Jackie. 




    Forever Chic Style - "The Lady in Waiting"  


    Lizzy Caplan  

    "Elegant and Sexy"  

    Caplan nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Drama in Masters of Sex, ( HBO) took the carpet by storm in a stunning black and white Donna Karen Atelier gown.   The cut of the dress, sleek hair and makeup were ethereal and evoked Grace Kelly.   Instead of donning a passionate sexy red gown, Caplan clearly mastered the art of looking and acting like a movie star from yesteryear.



    Forever Chic Style -  "The Queen" 

    Sophia Vergara


     "A Brilliant Light of Fun and Joy"

    Vergara, Gloria Pritchett, Modern Family (ABC), strolled down the red carpet in a glittering white with silver strapless Roberto Cavalli gown that emphasized a curvy figure.  Additionally, the smile, wit and va va voom combined with a glint of comedic wizardry solidified the title - The Queen for the evening.  Even the twirl on the stage with the Academy CEO Bruce Rosenblum was satire genius.  If you can't make fun of yourself, then what is the point.    And, is it awful to be attractive inside and out, to have a good personality, charming and intelligent as a woman?  Vergara's response to the naysayers was eloquent, spot on and something all women need to remember.  Do not take oneself so seriously! Enjoy life...have a little frivolity and revel in being a woman.


    Response to Naysayer's in the Media

    Vergara's comments: "I think it's absolutely the opposite," Vergara told Us Weekly following the backlash. "It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself and enjoy and work and make money. So I absolutely think it's ridiculous and somebody who started — and I know who she was — has no sense of humor and should lighten up a little." 

    Forever Chic Style - "The Side Notes"

    Robin Wright - A Bit Mannish for a Red Carpet Affair 

    Wright plays Claire Underwood on House of Cards (Netflix), and exudes sheer genius with the character.  Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series which was definitely in the deck of cards and completely expected. The shows writing, dressed to the nines classic apparel and intelligent persona shout out a winning and strong combination.  Unfortunately, Wright wore a white Ralph Lauren Collection jumpsuit to the Emmy festivities instead of a Queenly and A-Lister gown.  When a woman has an incredible figure and is a top notch actress, it is desired to follow protocol and wear a long fitted gown.  Think of the missed opportunities on this night. Ahh....Claire Underwood would never have worn a pant suit - I mean never.  Next time, think appropriately and dress for a win.


    Julia Roberts - Pretty Woman - Distain for Protocol 

    Oh Julia, Julia, Julia - why disappoint?  Roberts an A-Lister donned a midnight Elie Saab pearl and heavily stone encrusted embroidery short cocktail dress and showing off incredible pins to the world. The dress would be perfect for an evening cocktail party or an appearance on a late night show.  Yet, never to be worn at a black tie  affair or heaven forbid on a red carpet when A-Lister peers and Television Queens are dressed to the nines in full length gowns.  The cavalier attitude was completely wrong for the evening and screamed - "I want attention. Please, please look at me."  And, indeed the Emmy viewers looked, observed and down came the gavel.


    Forever Chic Style - The Frumpy Frog Queen - It's a Tie!

     Sara Paulson

    "An American Horror?"

    Set against a see of red long gowns, white stunners and blue mavens in wandered Paulson from the cast of  American Horror Story, The Coven FX (2013 - 2014) in a black netting Armani Prive dress with a profusion of red dots springing forth like a growing plant with red berries.  The overwhelming mishmash of material and structure did indeed qualify for an American Horror on the red carpet.  Yes, it is unique to be different but not to the point of utter distraction.  All that is seen in this instance is the dress with a mess of growing and bouncing fabric ready to entwine someone or something in Paulson's path.  



    Lena Dunham

    "Cotton Candy - Girl Gone Wild"

    Dunham, nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series - 'Girls" (HBO), graced the red carpet in a swirling whirl of pink cotton candy.  The Giambattista Valli Couture concoction was an over the top disaster combined with a tailored top, very blonde hair and poorly applied makeup. Dunham, the creator of "Girls", must have purposely decided to don this extravaganza suited for a teenager to attract attention either good or bad.   Additionally, the original model looks like a housewife gone mad while cleaning.  In the end, the ensemble was just a candy coated ploy for unbridled comments and to be remembered.





     Wise words from Coco Chanel.....

    Coco Chanel (1883-1971) - French Fashion Designer and Founder of Chanel Brand

    “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman."  Coco Chanel


    From Hardwick.....

    "Act your age - YES! Have fun - YES!  Make Fun of Self -YES! Always dress for the occasion and never wear something different or frumpy especially when fit and lovely.  All it signifies is need for attention. Did Audrey, Grace or Sophia follow the "attention grabbing" path? NO! A sophisticated beauty and artist must shine with self confidence wearing the perfect outfit."


    That's All!

    Audrey Hepburn - (1929- 1993) British Actress & Humanitarian


    Kim Hardwick - Forever Chic Style