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Black Pumps - Timeless

  The Classic Staple Image by  eloigomez_  from  Pixabay Finding the perfect black pump can be a challenge.  Especially if you are looking for comfort but do not want to appear frumpy or trendy.  Moreover, choosing quality over price wins every time.  As we all know, our feet take on a lot of wear and tear over the years.  We run, jump, walk, stroll along with a myriad of other foot usages. Additionally, how much you weigh times by 6 is how much weight is subjected to your knees and feet.  Sometimes, like me, if you play a lot of tennis, you can develop Morton's Neuroma's from narrow toe box in tennis shoes.    If this happens, then you are on a mission to find a comfortable pair of heels.  Yes, size up for extra room and add in support pads to prevent pain.  Recently, I went to the most glorious wedding where every detail was carefully curated.  The wedding was memorable, special, and wildly fun because none of us had time to take photos in our photo-obsessed society.  I was r