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Sorority Rush - What to Say and Wear - 2016

Rules for Sorority Rush!  It is that time of year when young ladies are sent off to college for rush recruitment in the Greek system at local universities across the country.  Rush is where the house active members are recruiting new members using techniques similar to an interview for a job or going out on a date.  As an Area Recruitment Information Chair for the State of Washington, I enjoy preparing young women for rush in Washington and across the country.  As an alumnae of Chi Omega it is a pleasure to help, inform and encourage young women to go through rush.  The friends one makes are for life, the memories forever and the unity and connection at home and across the country is profound. Besides helping young ladies with resumes and connections - their number one questions are  "What do I talk about and what do I wear for Rush?" Myth:  Sorority gals are NOT Elle Woods contrary to the myths across the land   First of all, let's clear the air