7 Ways to Become a Butterfly

Don't Crush the Butterfly!

"Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people." - Prince

Butterfly's come in all shapes and sizes painted in dazzling and colorful hues.  The beauty and varied differences of the butterfly are astounding and beloved by the beholder.  There are approximately 20,000 species throughout the world dancing in the sun and air.   Yet, what does a butterfly mean to fashionistas? Well, for one all the people of the land can evolve into creative and wondrous butterflies.   It is through the journey of life that sometimes the environment, family, friends and peers willingly crush the beauty and charming essence of you  - the exotic butterfly.

Don't Destroy the Wings of Flight

There will always be the vengeful, the user, the hateful or a person filled with jealousy and envy that clips the wings of the butterfly.  Their insecurities reign supreme and a beautiful butterfly ready to spread its wings can sometimes be stunned with bitter and hurtful words.   The world is filled with such beasts that inflict or project pain on the innocence of the blooming.  How can a budding butterfly protect their charming essence and spring forward in flight with breathtaking joy?  And, of course, paired with a piece of apparel or jewelry for effect.    The time of grace, kindness and noticing the world around has arrived.  Are you ready for flight?

  7 Tips on Becoming a Charming Butterfly



Self-Confidence Must be Built

I.   Build Self-Confidence - Disregard Bertha Bully:  There are creatures that enjoy being right or inflicting words that are not supportive.  Bertha Bully's behavior is rampant in the land of butterflies telling the world:  "No definitely not you," "not smart enough" "not good enough" or "not brave enough" or whatever quip addles their smallish brains.  The words are projections of the bully's own insecurities.   A normal amount of criticism is understandable and builds character but is always expressed with love and support.

ACTION:  Smile, don't listen and fly away.  Bertha Bully only wants to spew negativity because deep down their own pain is driven by fear.    Therefore build a wall of inner confidence and walk away in a stylish colorful butterfly-like dress.  After all, the very presence and essence of you has upset the poor and tiny minded bully. 

“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”  - Marcus Aurelius


Grace & Kindness

II.  Grace & Kindness Rules - Be Wary of Ursula User:  Many critters have hidden agendas that are often not seen by the admiring butterfly.  The slick snakes goal is to prey upon a friendship, family or peer for whatever is important to them at the moment.  Their agenda is not a win-win between two but instead too open doors in order to achieve.  Be wary of the user for the land is littered with opportunists whose thoughts always surround themselves.   And, you pretty butterfly are only a stepping stone for them to catch the golden money laden ticket.    

ACTION:  Exhibit Calm  Be nice, be thoughtful, listen and sit back before making a commitment.  Learn to NOT say YES and instead wait, think and then make a decision based on you and you alone.   Never be a sucker and never be taken advantage because your butterfly wings will become tainted with anger and resentment.   Add a lovely piece of jewelry to attire.  When a pitch or request reaches your ears - touch the Butterfly jewel, think, analyze and then wisely make a decision.  Nothing happens over night and the road to riches is filled with hard work and persistence.  There are no short cuts and someone using you for their own gain leads to a road to unhappiness for you - dear butterfly.  A joint venture must always benefit both parties from the beginning, last for the long haul, not destroy trust and never to be discarded.  After all, friends and family are forever and ventures, purchases, material goods are here today and perhaps gone tomorrow.


Bejeweled Butterfly*MDA&subid=&offerid=357947.1&type=10&tmpid=8157&
Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people. Dennis Prager
Read more at:
Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people. Dennis Prager
Read more at:

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge you are never alone." - Audrey Hepburn

Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people
Read more at:

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.
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Positive Attitude

III. Positive Attitude - Avoid Negative Nelly:  Many at work, play or anywhere in daily life tend to pollute the world with words that make a butterfly fade.  Negative Nelly's for some reason or another love to rain on a parade.  These butterflies tend to look through an half empty glass and never see that the glass is actually half full.  Thus, "whoa unto me" is their motto along with trying to control the innocent for their own gain.

ACTION: Smile! Again, a smile, a hug and gentleness with words always seems to send a strong message of positive strength.  Then with a nod and grin walk away from anyone who halts a butterfly in flight.  Walk away.   And, while flying always be draped in a pretty floral top and relish the cheery effect spread to all traveling the same path.  In other words- follow your own path, make your own choices, smile and do not let others stunt your flight.

"Our attitude towards life determines life's attitude toward us"  - Earl Nightingale



Elizabeth Banks - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

IV.  Likable Ever After - Avoid Maggie Meanie:  Practice being likable around Maggie Meanie who often speaks with harsh quips that are meant to deflate and not encourage.  Similar to the Bertha Bully, Maggie Meanies sometimes make rude snipes upon hearing the latest tale instead of listening and providing support.  This is often disturbing to a butterfly getting ready to experience an event or sharing a thought, idea or reviewing a situation.  Remember - the undercutting of the Maggie Meanies is only done to make them feel better about their own life.

ACTION:  Practice Likability and let mean wisecracks go in one ear and out the other.   Listen, be kind, and state that the comment was not acceptable.  Continue to understand and if the behavior doesn't change then keep a distance.   Be respectful to self by standing up to Maggie Meanies!  Dance in a pair of brightly hued flats and keep on moving down the road of life.

"The best ingredients for likableness are a happy expression of countenance, an unaffected manner, and a sympathetic attitude." - Emily Post


Empathy & Caring

V.  Be Empathetic and Caring - Dealing with Sally Selfish:  Ah, the land today is riddled with Sally Selfish who always points stories or discussions back to self.  Every event, every excursion, every material gift is about self and sharing the latest and greatest.  Sally Selfish rarely has an interest in others and instead focuses the discussion on their greatest pleasure - themselves.  They never ask questions of another since they are the focus of this life.  Instead, I, I, I and I are always at the forefront.  After spending time with Sally Selfish a butterfly may need to race away to a safer haven.

ACTION:  Be open, sympathetic, ask questions and listen Understand if there is not a back and forth discussion then perhaps it is best to move on to a different butterfly.  Do not let yourself be drained by someone who is so focused on themselves or making a point without thinking about another point of view.    The one way relationship can be a tad difficult.  Capture the moment with a beautiful wallet that screams "butterfly's are free" from the selfish and self-centered.

Butterfly Wallet

"Empathy is about standing in someone else's shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes.  Not only is empathy hard to outsource and automate, but it makes the world a better place."  - Daniel H. Pink

Empathy is about standing in someone else's shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes. Not only is empathy hard to outsource and automate, but it makes the world a better place.
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"All the World is a Stage - Appearance" 

VI.  Importance of Appearance - Dealing with Wanda Wears Whatever:  Apparel isn't everything but some believe that slovenliness and sloppy attire is perfectly fine for any event, soiree or occasion.  A pair of jeans, tee shirt and tennis shoes are often seen at a venue when others are dressed for an evening out.  Perhaps Wanda Wears Whatever thinks it is cool and hip yet the apparel screams inappropriate attire and displays disrespect to the event and for others attending.    A butterfly doesn't need to spend lots of money to dress the part - but taking a moment of pride with appearance builds self confidence and exudes respect.   Wanda Wears Whatever may smirk and give a beautifully dressed butterfly a nasty look but remember this is really about themselves and never about you. 

ACTION: Why nothing indeed  Instead, hold the head high, shoulders back and walk with the knowledge that your selected attire is perfection. Never let a critter with a scowl make your walk down the runway of life not regal.  Stand out with authority and pride with the glitter among all on the yellow brick road.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.' - Coco Chanel


"Style is when you are running out of town and you make it look like you are leading the parade."  - William Battie


Smile & Lipstick

VII.  Smile, Smile, Smile - Franny Frowner:   How many times a day does a butterfly encounter a fellow butterfly with no smile and no color? Why everyday and all time.  The average butterfly with a Franny Frown no matter how colorful in apparel appears in shades of grey, black and brown.   The very absence of a friendly smile diminishes the wondrous butterfly ten-fold.

ACTION:  Smile and mean it Charming butterflies smile all the time even when the world is upside down. Smile, ask questions be involved, be present and notice the energy given and received. The reward is beneficial for both in the exchange.  A smile, being approachable and aware of every butterfly one meets during the day sends rays of sunshine to all and in turn fills thy self and soul with happiness.   Spread your wings and enjoy the world around everyday and all the time. Add lipstick to the smile for extra warmth.

"A warm smile is a universal language of kindness"  William Arthur Ward


A Butterfly Movement

The 7 Ways to Becoming a Butterfly can be incorporated into everyday life.   The current landscape is filled with frustration, envy, anger etc., and often the wings of a butterfly are clipped with harsh words and actions. Perhaps a butterfly movement in the vast garden landscape of life will garnish the world with grace, kindness and support.  Additionally, practice likability with everyone from all walks of life. Charismatic leaders are masters of the spreading thoughtful words while listening with attentiveness.  They ask questions, look one in the eye, listen, smile, add comments all the while dressed for success.  They know the art of communication is always a two-way street and they always defer talking about self.  Therefore instill the magic of becoming a butterfly -  stand tall, walk tall, be kind to self, smile, laugh and help others bloom along the way. A land of support and a land of beautiful butterflies is preeminent.  At least we can hope, we can dream, we can act and we can believe in the betterment of others.

"As human beings we suffer from an innate tendency to jump to conclusions; to judge people too quickly and to pronounce them failures or hereos without due consideration of the actual facts and ideals of the period."  - Prince

Forever Chic Style - Kim Hardwick

Jeans - White Jeans for Spring & Summer 2016

Classic Must Have Staples

White jeans are a Spring and Summer staple for fashion mavens embracing the sunshine.   The excitement of storing heavy winter clothing and pulling out the summer whites is utterly smile fantastic.  This season neutrals are making the scene with white, blush, tan and beige.  A beautiful combination that represents a time of indecision, confusion and chaos.  Art and fashion always imitate life. Thus, there is a strong tap into the noncommittal tones of neutral bliss.    On the other hand, the flowers, bushes, trees and the beginning of sun infused days seems to scream color.  After a season of grey, black, brown and winter white the very thought of  "sensational hued colors" seeps through bones and brightens daily activities. 

What to Look For?

When choosing a very Forever Chic Style white jean always select a brand with stretch and a mid to high waist for the best fit. Ignore trends of ripped, destroyed and frayed hems unless willing to throw money out the door for a season. Note: If purchase a pair of frayed hem jeans - just sew them closed for a clean look.  Sometimes ordering a size up is imperative to prevent the "see through" and too close for comfort look that white often brings to the wearer.  Also select only nude undergarments keeping the look modest and Hepburnesq.  Review comments on a reputable site and follow individual instructions.   Remember purchase quality and wear season after season. 

Top Favorite!

"Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway" 


AG Brand*MDA&subid=&offerid=357947.1&type=10&tmpid=8157&

AG High Waist

What to Wear?

Favorite Tee-Shirt - Year After Year!  Best Kept Secret


Finding the perfect tee for Spring and Summer can be daunting.  The brand that leads the pack in durable, wearable from season to season remains Majestic.   Forget the cheaper labels and instead select Majestic for a lasting piece.   Majestic tees are soft jersey that is fitted and exceptional for layering under a sweater or a jacket.  This year in several hues though white and black are always key to classic tailoring. Add a scarf or jewelry and capture the essence of a classic fashionista.


The Beautiful Blouse


Choosing an pretty blouse is essential and becomes ravishing on the wearer with a white pair of jeans.  Can't ever go wrong with Trina Turk piece at your fingertips.  Again, not only wear this season but next and beyond. 

Trina Turk*MDA&subid=&offerid=357947.1&type=10&tmpid=8157&


White jeans, white Capri's and white shorts are a definite must during the sunny days of Spring and Summer.  A simple tee-shirt and flirty hued blouse will brighten and add joy to daily errands at  work or at play.  Don't forget to add in a pair of Forever Chic Style Sassy Sandals along with a smile to shine for the day!

AG Jeans

"Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing." —Alexander Wang

Kim Hardwick - Forever Chic Style

Sandals for Spring Break and Summer Holiday

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Step into Sandal Style 

"Sun, Sand, Ocean, Pool"

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness
Read more at:

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness
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Grand Wailea - Maui

It is ever relaxing and ever rewarding after a long winter of rain, hail and snow to dip toes into warm and heated sand only to be cooled off in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.  The sun tantalizes the skin, waves playfully surround the body and a glistening pool beckonsw the overheated while kids build sandcastles, parents read, walk or run all with festive smile.   Getting to the the islands of paradise or a yellow orb infused location takes a wee bit of  apparel planning.  And, perhaps one of the most important packing essentials is the perfect pair of sandals.   The sandals must be comfortable, must be elegant and must last over time.   After a fun filled break, here are a few Forever Chic Style brands that tops the charts for sunny holidays or just for sunburst days.

Paul Green Advertisement

'One shoe can change your life.'  - Cinderella

Casual Gorgeous Comfort

I.  Paul Green - Why Of Course:  Paul Green shoes are known for incredible comfort and beautiful designs.  Founded in Munich and cobbled in Austria with superior craftsmanship and attention to the finest embellishments.   The outcome is a brand that is desired by many for ultimate comfort and beauty all in one. After all, why sport sandals or shoes that bind the feet or are sky high demanding discomfort on a holiday?

A fashionista friend of mine stated, "Can you run in the sandals?"  If you can't run in the sandals then forget it.  It is Spring and Summer for goodness sake not the dead of winter when toes are covered and boots are royalty.  Seek out sandal comfort for vacations or just everyday sunny weather living.

What to Wear With - White Jeans

Just say NO - frayed hems, low rise, rips, destroyed or holes! Leave this look for the youth.  Grasp the Audrey white jean and be elegant and memorable while dancing in the sun.


With Best Favorite Jean

Rag & Bone

Choose a skinny or straight white jean for Spring and Summer.  Frayed and flared hems maybe "in" but the look does not stand the test of time.*MDA&subid=&offerid=357947.1&type=10&tmpid=8157&


 Pretty at the Pool

Four Seasons - Maui

Girls Night:  "Let's meet in Salon Shoes" Just Saying...

II.  The Fantasy and Fantastic Flip Flop:  The ultimate flip-flop is imperative for fun on a blue sky and sun vacation.  About five years or so ago, this fashionista invested in a designer pair of brand name flip flops for holidays in the sand and sun and they still reign number one.  This number is in  fabulous condition and remains Forever Chic Style comfortable.  Of course, others in the closet are in the race for a fluffy feet embrace between wears.   Oh and flip flops are meant for vacation only!  Repeat - vacation only! Really - so many sandals choices during daily routine - why flip flops?  So close to the ground and no sand.  It seems rather strange to walk around in flip flops at home unless washing the car.   Here are two favorites.

The Queen - Quality and Lasting*MDA&subid=&offerid=357947.1&type=10&tmpid=8157&

Bejeweled Affair*MDA&subid=&offerid=357947.1&type=10&tmpid=8157&

 With Swimsuit and Cover Up 

La Blanca*MDA&subid=&offerid=357947.1&type=10&tmpid=8157&

 Orange You Happy - Cover Up*MDA&subid=&offerid=357947.1&type=10&tmpid=8157&

"Fashion is an instant language" - Miuccia Prada


The Gladiator - Classic


“...Her passions are made of nothing but the finest part of pure love; we cannot call her winds and waters, sighs and tears; they are greater storms and tempests than almanacs can report...”  - William Shakespeare

III. The Gladiator Heel:  Cleopatra remains front and center Spring and Summer 2016.  Snap up a pair of royal gladiators and evoke the wisdom, power and beauty of this famous muse. 

Low Roman Heel*MDA&subid=&offerid=357947.1&type=10&tmpid=8157&

High  Roman Heel*MDA&subid=&offerid=357947.1&type=10&tmpid=8157&

What to Wear?

The Maxi*MDA&subid=&offerid=357947.1&type=10&tmpid=8157&

Magical Paradise

After a day of sunshine, ultimate fun and ocean breezes, relax and partake in a glorious sunset.   Slip on a sassy pair of sandals, add a sun dress and swipe of lipstick for a magical evening.  The islands or sunny places across the globe hold a spell over many and continue to beckon year after year.  And, comfortable, pretty sandals that stand the test of time will be chosen over and over again for a festive vacation.

Grand Wailea - Maui

Kim Hardwick - Forever Chic Style