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Miss Perfect? - The Art of Imperfection

  "Little Miss Perfect"        Perfect Hair Perfect Face Perfect Clothes Perfect House Perfect Spouse or Partner Perfect Family     "Being Perfect is Simply Perfectly Exhausting"           The film Just Go With   It (2011) is a zany, fun filled and crazy story coated with  lies and tall tales under the Hawaiian sunshine.  Nicole Kidman , plays Devlin who is Jennifer Aniston's , Katherine, arch rival from college.   Aniston runs into Miss Perfect - Devlin in Hawaii listens to how fantastic Devlin's life is since they both left college.  Devlin has the perfect spouse, the perfect hair, the perfect makeup and the perfect life with oodles of perfect money.   Yet, is this really true? Aniston caught up in the madness wants to compete with Devlin to prove that her life is just as perfect as Devlin's. See the movie.  One to be watched over and over again.  Yes, it is that fun and enjoyable!   "I think what makes peop

Rain Gear - Singing in the Rain!

                       The rainy autumn and winter season is once again here to stay.  Rain, sleet, hail and snow will swirl upon the land creating chaos while providing a wintery and often dark beauty to daily life.  In film, rain scenes depict the essence of a story, romance or desperation with a wash of water captured by Hollywood rain machines soaking the actors to the bone.   Snow scenes are utterly breathtaking with icy white covering everything.  However, mere mortals not on the big screen would prefer to remain dry and warm when the elements wipe the world fresh and clean starting anew.  Rather than focus on winter white environments let's examine the necessary apparel pieces that keep the warmth in and the soggy world out.   Pick up an umbrella, hunker down and check out the sopping wet  Forever Chic Style list of necessity rain gear.            NOTE:   Always spend as much as in the budget. Refrain from buying cheap and ill fitting attire that will b

St Vincent (2014): Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, Chris O'Dowd, Terrace Howard, Jaeden Lieberher

     St. Vincent is a heartwarming film about friendship, family and how people come together and help each other even if they are extraordinarily different. It is also a reminder that people can be interesting even if grumpy and that appearances can be deceiving unless noticed. The tale is about Maggie ( McCarthy ), a single mother moving into a home in Brooklyn with her 12-year old son Oliver ( Lieberher ).   Maggie is going through a divorce and is struggling to make ends meet and decides to hire the cranky neighbor, Vincent ( Murray ). Enters in Murray a cantankerous, sarcastic, drinker, broke gambler residing in a decrepit home with an adorable cat named Felix.  Of course, a strange and new friendship blossoms between the two adults.  Add pregnant, lady of the night, Danka ( Watts ), Catholic teacher Brother Geraghty ( O'Dowd ) and bookie Zucko ( Howard ) to the mix for an hilarious, yet serious and poignant film.                 Murray is brilliant as a bankru