Miss Perfect? - The Art of Imperfection


"Little Miss Perfect"


Perfect Hair

Perfect Face

Perfect Clothes

Perfect House

Perfect Spouse or Partner

Perfect Family


"Being Perfect is Simply Perfectly Exhausting"



The film Just Go With It (2011) is a zany, fun filled and crazy story coated with  lies and tall tales under the Hawaiian sunshine.  Nicole Kidman, plays Devlin who is Jennifer Aniston's, Katherine, arch rival from college.   Aniston runs into Miss Perfect - Devlin in Hawaii listens to how fantastic Devlin's life is since they both left college.  Devlin has the perfect spouse, the perfect hair, the perfect makeup and the perfect life with oodles of perfect money.   Yet, is this really true? Aniston caught up in the madness wants to compete with Devlin to prove that her life is just as perfect as Devlin's. See the movie.  One to be watched over and over again.  Yes, it is that fun and enjoyable!  

"I think what makes people fascinating is conflict, it's drama, it's the human condition. Nobody wants to watch perfection."

Nicolas Cage



The art of perfection is causing "a winter of discontent"  both mentally and physically  in society for women of all ages.  The obsession to remain eternally twenty and rail thin is rampant throughout magazines, online and with peers of all generations.   Discussions on the latest fillers, skin treatments and how to remain frozen in time while maintaining a waif silhouette are mind blogging.  Food issues are paramount and touted by many to the point of absolute absurdity. In fact, recently a close friend commented that in Los Angeles, California restaurants are refusing to recreate a dish without an ingredient and instead are promoting what is on the menu. Of course, some food issues are concerning and those carrying an EpiPen are quite a different matter that is respected and can be accommodated.   Additionally, with the advent of social media "keeping up with the Jones" flashing the very best, having children attend the "right" schools or creating a Martha Stewart showpiece home or event are dilemmas that can cause angst, social unrest and insecurity.   Let's reflect back to yesterday, examine the folly of seeking perfection and find a new balance that is all about the importance of  imperfection.


"Perfection is a Myth! & Control is an Infantile Illusion"

Imperfection and Chaos are the ONLY Reality


The Woman

I.   True Beauty of a Woman - All about Personality: Women become more beautiful as they mature. (See Diane Keaton) The 20's represent a raw canvas that is blank and without definition both inside and out.   It is through experiences and personal growth with peers, family and friends that a formidable character is established.  Personality blooms and creates the essence and foundation of all beauty.  The outer canvas begins to take shape, slowly matures and thins from the round pearly faces of young youth.  The visual differences from noses, eyes, lips and mouths compliment a personality with the lines capturing the journey in ones life. Never strive to be someone else through plastic surgery. There are so many stories of women who change a nose or have an eye lift ending up losing the frame of who they have become in life. The 30's and 40's create lines and etching of experience that are seen on the face and neck. By the 50's and 60's life etchings are defined on the canvas.  If one has smiled and lived fully through pain, joy and love all with a positive attitude - the face becomes a glorious canvas of life. Add in a joyous and honest loving attitude combined with the curiosity to learn completes the picture. Be gracious, talk to everyone, thoughtful, listen and build friendships with other people.  The more connected one is to others then the more satisfied one is with life.  It is so important for women to have other girlfriends, after all, us ladies do talk a lot. Our friends keep us grounded and surrounded with unconditional love.  The journey of life is unique and amazing for everyone. Embrace the differences, honor self and live fully.






The Home Front



II.  The Hollow Home Front - Stop the Perfection:  The obsession for the perfect home with every piece of furniture in place amongst stately McMansions with approximately two children, the right schools, china, crystal, sterling, decorations and ambience is front and center.  Unfortunately, trying to keep a house "perfect", children in check, life in a pristine balance is completely and utterly unattainable.  There will always be days of chaos that upset the formal picture painted for the outside world.  Social media increases the craziness of "trying " to design a crafted illusion that often crumbles into dust leaving a person feeling inadequate.  In fact, the pursuit of precision and elegance is tragically lost when formulating an impeccable front for peers, friends and families.  Famous interior decorators such as Sister Parish strived for the opposite of perfection and instead emphasized comfort and warmth.  Comfort and warmth are derived from magazines, books, throws, pillows, real flowers, photographs, layers against layers, animals and casual items strewn about a house.  These elements symbolize "life" and not a staged show room filled with furniture.  Additionally, when entertaining do not fret over everything being in place, after all guests rarely inspect another's home with a fine tooth comb of comparison.  The guests are coming over to see you and not the surroundings.  Of course, cleanliness is paramount when entertaining. Bring out excellent and non-complicated food, wines and beverages, excellent conversation and open the doors to the warmth and love in your home.  

Do it today.  Do something different.  Leave something out that normally isn't on display or forget to do one thing that adds a bit to the home.  Break free from perfection and add casual elegance back into the format of living in a lovely abode.


Never Compare!


And, never compare with a peer, friend or family.  Never.  What may look grand on the outside might be cold and empty on the inside.  Studies have shown that those who make less $75K a year tend to be happier than those making millions.  In other words focus on your own world and do not covet thy neighbor!  Carpe Diem! 


The Top Ten - Tips to be Eternally Vibrant


1.  Poise & Posture: Stylish women sit up straight, walk with the head held high and always make a graceful entrance and exit.   The clothing enhances and the aura surrounding these fashionistas signals self confidence.  Stand tall, sit up straight and hail the new you.



2.  Diet & Exercise - Keep Moving: Feeling good, looking good and exuding energy with a  positive attitude stems from a healthy diet and exercise. Whether it is walking everyday, running, lifting weights, playing tennis, swimming, cleaning house, gardening or making dinner - keep on moving.  Enjoy life, exercise, have a cookie now and then and remain moving  Activity is the key even when the body begins to age.  A mobile body equals a healthy mind and healthy body.



3.  Reading, Reading & Reading: Pick up a book, pick up the newspaper, read online and be abreast of the world around.  Reading will increase vocabulary, strengthen writing skills and will make one extraordinarily interesting.  After all conversation is important and the more one reads and acquires knowledge then the more self confident they become when conversing both written and verbal. 

"Interested is Interesting!"


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”  

Dr. Seuss, "I can Read With My Eyes Shut!

4.  Skincare - Clear Skin!:  Wash the face morning and night, moisturize and most importantly use sun screen everyday.  The number one goal is to have clear skin.  French women receive facials monthly, moisturize and take care of both the face and body.  The idea is to show off clean, moisturized skin at all times.  A dermatologist is a must for keeping the skin soft and clear. It is often a trial and error process when choosing a skincare regime.  Research, talk to dermatologists and follow instructions.  




5.  Dermal Fillers - Botox, Restylane, Juvaderm, Voluma:  Fillers smooth, fill out, soften lines, adds volume and perks up the face.  The challenge is too much of a good thing makes the face look bloated or over processed.   The result can be disastrous and signals desperation.   Botox is fantastic for the brow lines and forehead.  Have done by a professional only and be conservative and leave some lines visible.  Steer clear of lip plumper's and add only a little volume too the face.  There are too many celebrities or women in general that resemble a smooth porcelain Barbie Doll face with non matching necks and bodies.  The smile lines and life's course is absent and over all look screams trying to be visually young.  The result is noticeable with look of disfigurement or something slightly off.  Use lightly and discreetly.  The goal isn't for the world at large to notice a major difference.

Sad Examples of  Too Much....



6. Makeup - Enhance a Beautiful Face:  Learn how to accentuate features on a face with artfully placed makeup.  Add drama and enjoy the results.   Department stores often have classes or product makeup sessions.   Sign up, join in the fun and learn how to enhance the beautiful you.



7.  Hair - Magnificent Mane of Hair:  Keep hair silky and shiny using excellent products.  Cut hair regularly and color if needed.   The length of hair depends on age. When youthful long hair is simply divine.  However, take care of it with regular haircuts.   As a beautiful woman ages, hair styles change a little bit. When over 40, long hair remains long if it is gorgeously maintained.  Yet, shoulder length is preferable.  Be careful cutting hair super short unless one can rock the look with confidence and style.




8.  Apparel - Sport the Neutrals: A wardrobe filled with basics in neutral colors solves daily pulling outfits together in a flash.  The neutrals consist of black, grey, camel and winter white.  Purchase pants, turtlenecks, skirts, sheath dresses, sweaters and blouses in neutral hues and finish with pops of color or another neutral hue.  The object of minimal dressing is to show off you rather than the outfit. Forever Chic Style this  Fall & Winter Fashion 2014 is all about The Lady in Grey. Check it out.


“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”

Coco Chanel

9.  Pops of Color or Leopard:  Add in vibrant color hues to any outfit.  The extra pizzazz will spice up an ensemble with instant sparkle. 



10. Have FUN - Don't Wait Until the Moment is Perfect!:  Most importantly, above all else, enjoy life, surround oneself with friends, family and have fun.  Remove the anxiety of striving for perfection and instead notice the imperfectness of life and surroundings.  Everything is imperfect and so is life. Be open to new adventures, strive to be kind, look beyond appearances and show grace to everyone.  Do not judge a book by the cover and never think one is a servant or less than an another or that one is better and more intelligent.  The truly gifted leaders know that treating everyone equally is the key to success and personal fulfillment.  And, that looking for perfection in thought and in life is compete folly leading to unhappiness and despair.  Enjoy life, have fun and maybe stand on a horse! Stop being so perfect and strive for imperfection. Do it.  Invite the friends over on a whim without all the fanfare prior to an event.  Walk through the grass with bare feet, make snow angels and notice the beauty around.  Look closely at the world at large and look closely into the mirror noticing - that beauty is also you - the imperfect yet so beautiful you!




"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening".

Coco Chanel


Happy Thanksgiving! 

Eat lots, laugh lots and be thankful! Thanks for reading! Thank you.


Forever Chic Style - Kim Hardwick


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