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"All my jewelry has stories" Eva Green

The pendant necklace is in vogue.  As seen on individuals in social media, print, talk show hosts and amongst our friends. Often layered with other necklaces. Why not join the spring and summer party with jewelry bling?

First, did you know that pendants with your initials or other various symbols date back 25,000 years?  These talismans or amulets symbolized spirituality, healing, and protection. History depicts pendants in encrusted lockets, diamonds shapes, hearts, florals and much more. A sign of wealth and high fashion. With the advent of costume jewelry everyone became enamored with a classic pendant. 

A beautiful pendant necklace can bring joy and cheer to the beholder.  And, of course, subtle elegance.  Worn day or night. It is a minimalistic nod to art, beauty, life, an adds an extra sparkle. 

Here are bejeweled beauties for you to chose from.

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Top of the Class

Melinda Maria

Melinda Maria is a designer based in Los Angeles.  Her philosophy is to empower women with confidence, beauty, and fashion forward pieces. I love her jewelry and have a vast assortment.  Designed from quality materials that stand the test of time. Her pendants are gorgeous. Every time I wear her creations, I receive compliments. Celebrities, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, and others have worn her designs. The pieces are luxury defined and appear real without spending a fortune. In today's world it is difficult to distinguish real jewelry from costume jewelry. Furthermore, if you lose an item, you will not be out thousands of dollars. Why not splurge and exhibit Princess Grace taste! A lady never tells.  A lady never asks either. 

At Nordstrom

For more styles check out:  Melinda Maria's website. 

Everyone is Wearing

David Yurman 

Stylish and Cannot Go Wrong! Anything David Yurman is sublime and stunning.  I love my pieces.  You will too. 

Summer Sunshine


To be in fashion, in vogue and forever elegant. That is the goal. Enjoy your life. Enjoy every day while spreading laughter, love, and light.   Happy shopping.  Happy spring and summer months to come. 

"Add a pendant necklace.  Spread hope. Smile.  Embrace the world at large."  KH

That's a Wrap! 

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