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Dior Perfume - Stop the Presses

  Dior Scents - Limited Sets "A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting." - Christian Dior Christian Dior on February 12, 1947, became a sensation in Paris, with his debut haute couture collection. His dress designs used yards of luxurious fabrics, emphasized a woman's silhouette, a cinched waist, with lowered hemlines.   Dior revolutionized the fashion industry after the war torn years of WWII. When survival was paramount, fashion was not top of mind for women. Yet, after years of darkness and grief the world was awakening again to hope and joy.  Like spring flowers opening to new beginnings. Winter was definitely over. Dior opened Pandora's box by creating the iconic collection of all time that took the industry by storm.  The designs left everyone wanting more and were ordered in quantity.  Conversely, change that comes with fashion sent some women's heads spinning.  Many women around the world protested this new look, which was unbeknowns

Travel Plane Tips - Do's & Don'ts's

  The Plane, The Plane Style is personal.  Style is memorable. Beauty is within.  Beauty is how you act. Beauty is kindness.  - KH Spring is glorious especially when the sun peaks out in the Pacific Northwest.  Those precious moments are something to behold. We race out and grab a few sunshine rays before the next bout of rain begins.  On the other hand, the grass is green, the air is clear, and the plants and blooms are springing forth.  With spring comes the inevitable jaunt to somewhere warm to play, swim and enjoy the elements.  The Plane Let's face it, plane travel is abysmal these days.  Anyone who has ever been on an airplane has witnessed passengers who are overloaded and bringing their entire life onto the plane.  They may have a heavy back pack or overstuffed tote while rolling a bulky carry on bag that they muscle into the overhead compartment.  I have even seen some request others for help. When, the obvious solution was to check the bag.  Yes, I understand the concerns

Books April 2023

  "The more you read, the more you know. The more you learn the more places you will go." Dr. Seuss My brother, Bill, said to me, "Your nose was always in a book when we were growing up."   How true that statement was and remains constant today.  I absolutely adore, love and drink up historical fiction or books that are well-written, sometimes funny, and ultimately engaging.   Authors have the power to teach, to create drama about the human condition and to fill the mind with imagination, emotion and deep thought.  When you read (eyes to paper or on a Kindle, iPad, or any tech gadget) your mind expands, your language increases and your knowledge is unapparelled.   My hope is that when you read this piece, you will select these worthy novels.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  As stated previously, when I find an author who is exceptional in storytelling, researching of a subject, understands history and writes from the heart, I cannot stop reading their wo