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Florals are Back

  Flowers & Colors Everywhere "Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink." Lilly Pulitzer Flower power is everywhere this spring and summer.   Not only are florals wildly sought after in fashion but also in home décor. Floral wallpaper is making a strong comeback along with vibrant wall hues.  Perhaps after several dark and dreary years of grays, whites, and blacks we are yearning for a warmer and cozier period filled with vibrate tones. Basically, modern is out and traditional is in vogue.  Actually, did traditional ever disappear?  No, it did not. Think about the series  Downton Abbey which incorporates eternal values, costumes and décor.  An overall traditional vibe of classic attire and timeless décor that emanates warm and soothing vibes.  Surrounding yourself with lots of color is refreshing and uplifting.  After all, are we not looking for hope, calm and upbeat measures? My friends and I are embracing bright lipstick and apparel in hues of pink, red, ora

Fashion Picks - April 2022

  Can You Say "Vacation?" "Fashions fade, style is eternal" Yves Saint Laurent Spring has sprung and vacation madness is upon us.  For many, it is the first time in two years to get out of town via an airplane to a favored destination.   What a grand time to partake in a well-deserved excursion. Sure, you might have to wear a mask, take a Covid test yet the effort is worth every cocktail, sandy beach, and the ocean.  After a relaxing trip to Cabo San Lucas, I do have a few comments before I share with you my all-time favorite sandals and sun paraphernalia.   I always wear wide brimmed hats, rash guards, wear lots of sunscreen and keep out of the direct sun.   Many will take the opposite road and bath in the glorious yellow orb with aplomb.   Not me.  The sun and heat are not my friend.  To Dress or not to dress? That is the Question. Additionally, flying has the usual quirks of lots of harried people, lots of luggage and lots of crazy behavior only a bit worse. What