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Tommy Bahama - The Shift Dress

  Hot Summer Sunshine "If you love something, wear it all the time...Find things that suit you. That is how you look extraordinary." - Vivienne Westwood On a recent sojourn to Scottsdale, Arizona, I was reminded of how one needs to wear something light, airy and not tight fitting.  The Tommy Bahama shift is the ultimate answer. The chambray light blue is so comfortable and looks effortless with sandals.  Especially with my Pikolinos sandals which are comfortable right out of the box.  The shift reminds me of an East Coast Hamptons dress worn either casually or out to dinner.  Add heels, simple stud earrings, lipstick and maybe a bracelet.  You will be talk of the town.   Embrace the Wrinkle - The Noble Wrinkle The shift also comes in linen and in many hues.  I own both the chambray and have two linens versions in white and also in orange.   I love them.  They are all melded into a relax fit.   If you are looking for a figure fitting affair, this is not your vibe.  As for t

Pikolinos Sandals for Summer Fun

  The Comfortable Sandal Photo by  Eea Ikeda  on  Unsplash "The world is your oyster.  Happy feet means happy mind and happy enjoyment." KH Travel in summertime can be exciting and an adventure.  However, our feet need to have lots of extra care while traipsing around the planet or within our home towns.  A long walk with a white sundress and sandals can either be incredible or can be painful depending on the selected footwear.  I am a strong believer in spending more dollars on quality designed shoes, sandals and tennis shoes.  Leather is always my first choice along with a stable heel and sole.  Even when you play a sport, be cognizant to purchase the appropriate footwear.  If you play tennis or pickle ball, you need court tennis shoes.  If you do not wear them, you can roll your ankle or fall.  Same with golf and any other sport you take up.   Do not make the mistake and wear running shoes for every endeavor.  The result can be catastrophic.   Thus, this same strategy is

White Dresses

  The Little White Frock Photo by  ShengGeng Lin  on  Unsplash "Summer sundresses. Cool, calm, and collected" Kim Hardwick Summer has arrived early in the Pacific Northwest. The temperature has been soaring in the 90's, which is not typical for this time of year.  We have skipped spring and are sailing straight into summer. Of course, this means, out come the sundresses, shorts, bathing suits and anything that keeps you cool, calm and collected.  For us in the Northwest, summer heat is always a blessing after months of soggy rain.  However, we are hurriedly searching and uncovering our apparel that has been put away until now.  The appropriate attire keeps us refreshed as we partake in the golden rays and decadent hues of our surroundings.  Anyone who is from the Northwest knows that when the sun shines our world is a cosmic wheel of blues, greens, floral touches, and absolute stunning beauty.  Recently, I have noticed fashionistas are wearing summer white dresses that ar

Airplane Apparel - Fashionistas

  What To Wear On The Plane Photo by  Marla Prusik  on  Unsplash "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." - Rachel Zoe Recently, on a trip to a sunny locale, I wore a brightly hued outfit to the airport. After all, I was thinking about my destination and wanted to dress with flair and fun.  It is also well-known that if you dress well for any event, adventure or daily activity, one is often treated better.   I know this to be true.  I remember being bumped to first class in my corporate travel days with a friend.   What I found out was that everyone at the airport - I mean everyone - was dressed in black, brown or grey.  Their attire was somber, depressing and sloppy.   I was stunned.  There were lots of tight leggings which are not attractive and also may cause blood clots amongst the plethora of  jeans, sweatshirts and flip flops.  Mind you makeup is at a minimum or not at all. There is only one word to describe - boring. Since when did we become so dr

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

  1950's Hear Me Roar Photo of Fashion Model Nicole Black at Del Mar Villa in Dundee Oregon by Portland Photographer Lance Reis. Insta - Photographer: @kickassdesigns / Location: @del_mar_villa / Model: @nicolenegra "Don't underestimate the cosmetic power of sunglasses. It's worth spending a bit of money on a quality pair.  I usually do for Dior." - Dita Von Teese Trendsetters around the globe love the feminine shape of the cat-eye sunglasses.   My obsession with them is no different.  Thus, I have reader glasses that are in this shape as well my shades.  Every time, I sport them, there are lots of compliments.  Perhaps it is nostalgia, the hue or how it makes everyone feel and bespoke elegant.  After all, sometimes one needs a bit of mystery, decadence or lioness magic added to our faces.  The history behind the evolution of the beloved cat-eye started by the inventor Altina Schinasi Miranda in the late 1920's.  Miranda created a new shape that flattered and