Pikolinos Sandals for Summer Fun


The Comfortable Sandal

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"The world is your oyster.  Happy feet means happy mind and happy enjoyment." KH

Travel in summertime can be exciting and an adventure.  However, our feet need to have lots of extra care while traipsing around the planet or within our home towns.  A long walk with a white sundress and sandals can either be incredible or can be painful depending on the selected footwear.  I am a strong believer in spending more dollars on quality designed shoes, sandals and tennis shoes.  Leather is always my first choice along with a stable heel and sole. 

Even when you play a sport, be cognizant to purchase the appropriate footwear.  If you play tennis or pickle ball, you need court tennis shoes.  If you do not wear them, you can roll your ankle or fall.  Same with golf and any other sport you take up.   Do not make the mistake and wear running shoes for every endeavor.  The result can be catastrophic.  

Thus, this same strategy is apparent for evening shoes, walking sandals and so forth.  At a recent get together, several women wore designer 4 inch heels only to be in pain after an hour.  Was it worth it? They were beautiful but the outcome was pain!  Alas, this brings us to my point, wear shoes, sandals and work out shoes that are comfortable.  

When you purchase a pair of sandals, be sure to obtain a pair that are stable and easy to walk in.  Or course, find an attractive pair, read reviews and select your size.   Pay a bit more.  Relish the fact that your feet, mind and pain level will be non-existent.   After all, it is summer and enjoyment, connection with others is paramount. 

My favorite brand is Pikolinos.  They are well crafted in supple leather and do not require break in. 

Finally, be present in all activities.  Being present is the essence to relationships.  Your ability to "see" people is what makes a happy soul.  Feeling good about yourself, sharing yourself and living each day to the fullest is the point of life.  Here are my favorites.  Yes, I own them. 

Both sandals are made with soft leather, excellent craftsmanship and the perfect heel.  No break in at all. 

Pikolinos Blanes Slingback Sandals

NOTE: Recently wore the white sandals, right out of the box, on a trip to Arizona.  No break in and so comfortable!!!! 5 STARS!!!  

Pikolinos Blanes Sandal

I own all threes. Excessive but worn all the time. 

What are you waiting for?  Happy feet equal a happy mind.  Both can be found at Nordstrom.  I do have an affiliate relationship with Nordstrom. 

Enjoy your summer travels and vacations.   The journey is glorious. 

"Dance, live and enjoy every step in your life."  KH

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