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Color is Majestic

  Beauty is Everywhere! "Trust the process." - Hacks (2022) Summertime is ending.  The air is crisp in the morning signaling that fall is indeed around the corner.  Soon we will be donning sweaters, jeans, boots, and everything meant to be worn for cooler weather.  In the meantime, let's enjoy the last few weeks of glorious sunshine and mid-afternoon warmth.  If you have seen the show Hacks, (HBO Max) , then you know the main character Deborah Vance (Jean Smart, Best Actress Emmy 2022), loves to wear vibrant hues and big colorful earrings. Her character on the show,  embraces bold, daring accessories and lots of color supporting her larger-than-life personality.  Besides the apparel point, Hacks is brilliant, funny, witty, heartwarming and engaging.  The acting and script is superb.  I highly recommend watching.   What does this have to do with vibrant hues? Well, color in clothing is coming back full force the end of 2022 and slated for 2023.  Additionally, as stated pre