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Barbie Movie - What to Wear?

  The Barbie Universe Barbie Doctor, Barbie Gymnast, Business Barbie...Every Career!  Owns a dream house, glam cars and lives in a plastic world.  So Many Barbies! Photo by  MakeSumo  on  Unsplash "As a Barbie you can do anything". - Anonymous Are you ready to see bright pink, neon green or vivid yellow on the big screen?  Did you grow up with Barbie ?  Perhaps you are a fan or not?  I grew up with Barbie's.  The era was simpler then and imagination plus creativity was paramount.  Barbie allowed us to dream of being someone extraordinary.  Or perhaps you were a budding businesswoman and admired Jill E. Barad, CEO of Mattel , in the 1997 who expanded the Barbie line? She started at Mattel in 1981 and rose in the ranks. The results were astounding.   Mattel under her leadership grew from $200M to $2B.  She revitalized the Barbie brand and was one of four women CEOs in 1997 to lead a Fortune 1000 company, which was an admirable feat. She transformed Mattel to a premier glob

Sorel Sandals - Summertime

  Ultimate Comfort  On a recent girl's trip, I noticed the various shoes worn at the airport.  I had on my  Greats, The Royale Blanco , all leather tennis shoes, another fashionista sported flip flops, and another in running tennis shoes with the last one sporting a pair of Sorel Women's Kinetic Impact Ankle-Strap Sport Platform Sandals .    These hot looking sandals caught my eye.  Mind you, I love my Greats , but they did get a little warm on the plane.  However, are very sporty and comfortable.   Yet, the Sorel sandals caught my attention.  Since I enjoy my Sorel boots, why not give these Sorel sandals a whirl?  They looked sassy, comfortable, elegant with a slight heel.  So, I began my research and quizzed my girlfriend endlessly about them.  Apparently, several of our other friends highly recommend these sandals for all excursions.  And most notably for travel and walking.  You can wear them dressed up or casually.  They are also easy to get on and off, which is perfect fo

Coach Cassie 19 - Faded Blue - Tiffany

  Small Handbag Sophistication Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Isn't this shade of blue divine?  The blue minty shade reminds me of the sparkling Pacific Ocean.  Additionally, images of the Tiffany brand begin to gather in my mind.  After all, who cannot resist a Tiffany blue box with a gorgeous diamond inside?  I also think of Audrey Hepburn in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961).  Tiffany's has been using this luxurious hue on all of their branding beginning back in 1845.  The turning point was in 1886 when their signature diamond engagement ring was nestled in this ocean blue box.  Thus, The Tiffany Blue box became symbolic of luxury and glamour.  The actual shade of blue was trademarked in 1998.  If you are fan of this color then you must check out the the Coach Cassie 19 in faded blue found ONLY at Macy's.  I do NOT receive an affiliate commission for this item.  There have been several comparisons on YouTube on how this Coach Cassie 19  in faded blue is