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Skincare Tips & C.O.Bigelow Hand Cream

  Wild, Wacky, Winter  Image by  kristamonique  from  Pixabay "Winter is approaching spring. Such a glorious time.  New beginnings."  The weather this winter has been insane across the land.  Warm weather moments, cold winds creating havoc, rain downpours, snow swirling, fires burning the south and basically a topsy-turvy landscape.  Everyday there is a new weather report causing chaos.  Along the way, our skin becomes dry, flakey and red.  Lately I have learned a few skincare tips that enlighten.   Before I discuss the benefits of C.O. Bigelow hand lotion, here are my tips: If You Want Good Skin Foam or Gel Cleanser: Never use a foam cleanser on your skin.  Too drying.  Always gel.  Department Store Moisturizers: Do not bother with high end moisturizers at a department store.  Choose gentle formulas like CeraVe,  Cetaphil or Vanicream.    Foundation with SPF: Never use a foundation with SPF mixed in and think you are protected.  You will think you have enough SPF sunscre

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

  Color My Lips RED  Photo by  Virginia Berbece  on  Unsplash "She has a way with words, Red Lipstick, and making an entrance." - Kate Spade Red lips, red roses, anything red.  If you are like me, you love classic red lipstick.   Or if you like to stand out, make an impression, be feminine, rebellious or be fierce wherever you go - then a red lip is your ticket.   Since I was young, I have been obsessed with red lipstick. Even when my mother said, "I do not like your red lips" I kept on swiping a lusciously blue red to my lips.  MAC Ruby Woo , released in 1999, is one of the most iconic red lipsticks on the market.  Of course, in the day, I bought it and still have a tube always on hand.  The formulation has the reddest red with a hint of blue. This brilliant combination creates a perfect red lip which universally works on everyone's complexion.   Throughout history the famous, the royals, celebrities, business leaders, politicians, and first ladies have donned