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Wild, Wacky, Winter 

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"Winter is approaching spring. Such a glorious time.  New beginnings." 

The weather this winter has been insane across the land.  Warm weather moments, cold winds creating havoc, rain downpours, snow swirling, fires burning the south and basically a topsy-turvy landscape.  Everyday there is a new weather report causing chaos. 

Along the way, our skin becomes dry, flakey and red.  Lately I have learned a few skincare tips that enlighten.   Before I discuss the benefits of C.O. Bigelow hand lotion, here are my tips:

If You Want Good Skin

  1. Foam or Gel Cleanser: Never use a foam cleanser on your skin.  Too drying.  Always gel. 
  2. Department Store Moisturizers: Do not bother with high end moisturizers at a department store.  Choose gentle formulas like CeraVe, Cetaphil or Vanicream.  
  3. Foundation with SPF: Never use a foundation with SPF mixed in and think you are protected.  You will think you have enough SPF sunscreen protection, but you do not. 
  4. SPF Sunscreen: Always use an SPF sunscreen on your face prior to adding your foundation.
  5. SPF Sunscreen All Weather: Always use an SPF sunscreen whether it is sunny, raining or snowing. 
  6. Moisturizers:  Always use a face moisturizer for the face.  Never a combined face and body moisturizer.  Or, for that matter, a body moisturizer on your face. 
  7. Fillers: Forget fillers after the age of 50.  The filler never truly dissipates and instead moves south down your face.  
  8. Botox:  Continue Botox after 50 between the brows and add fewer units to the forehead if needed.  More units of Botox after 50 do not work and instead make eyes look heavy.   Watch YouTube by Dr. Amir Karam, renowned plastic surgeon, who discusses the effects of fillers. 
  9. Youthful Face: Most youthful faces are heart shaped.  After 50 fillers turn your face into a square which makes your face appear overfull and boxy.  Thus, the rage right now is to remove all fillers. (I think people want to look like themselves rather than a cookie cutter of the latest celebrity or influencer gracing the internet with an over bloated face.  When everyone looks the same it becomes rather common and boring.   Big lips, round faces, perfect noses etc., same haircut, style, and color. You get the picture.) 
  10. Hand Cream:  Use only hand cream that states hand cream or lotion. 
  11. Lastly:  Always wear a bit of makeup and dye your hair:  lipstick, mascara, and light foundation.  Why not take advantage of what is available? Dye your hair too.  Stand out in a sea of the ordinary. 
Be you rather than a replica of everyone else.  Take care of your skin, especially your face, neck and hands.  Wear a hat and other SPF apparel gear to protect your face and body from the sunshine. While you are at it, do not forget your hands.  These beauties show your age.   Even if you are one who gets facial laser treatments etc., your hands are a giveaway.  On that note, be graceful and kind. Start a trend.  I keep thinking of Audrey Hepburn at the end of her life.  Still beautiful, still feminine, and still herself. It is a gift and a blessing as each year passes.  

 The Hand Lotion

C.O. Bigelow Hand Lotion

If you have dry, sensitive, and flakey hands from the elements - look no further.  C.O. Bigelow hand lotion is divine.  The formula instantly revives the skin and has a light lemon scent.  Put on daily or at night with gloves to obtain smooth and youthful looking hands.   I found this hand lotion during the holidays and absolutely love the light texture and the results.  Finally, true beauty comes from a place within your soul.  Fill the world with your inner light which is your true beauty. 

"Be kind. It will reveal your inner beauty."  - Debasish Mridha

That's a Wrap!

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