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Wearing White After Labor Day?

  White Hot or  NOT?      The debate marches on whether fashionistas across the land can or cannot wear white after Labor Day?   The fashion apparel rule "White can be worn after Memorial Day and not after Labor Day" started back in the Gilded Age period of 1800's to early 1900s.  The wealthy during the dog days of summer basked in white showing prestige while the laborers wore black and drab suits.  Labor Day signified the end of summer and the finality of wearing white for the summer season.   During the 1950's, fashion editors put down the gauntlet and enforced the rule.  Whereas, today in the year 2014, the controversy remains fresh with no real solution,  some will, some will not and either is acceptable.  However, there are a few pointers to help address the white or not subject.  Finally, for this fashion maven putting away the stark white garments does signify the end of summer with the joyous and gorgeous Fall looming around the corner. Foreve