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Houndstooth Coat

   Fall is Here A warm fashionable coat is a must for the upcoming wintery season. Meghan Markle recently wore a stunning herringbone coat to the One805 Fundraiser in Santa Barbara signaling fall has arrived. A houndstooth coat is like a herringbone coat though the pattern is a slightly different.  I found this beautiful houndstooth coat online.  Ironically, it is from the British brand Barbour which I personally love.  I own two Barbour coats and the quality is sublime.  This Barbour Houndstooth piece fits the fall bill and is elegant.  Imagine wearing a black turtleneck, black jeans or fitted pants with tapered legs, boots, and gold hoops for a show stopping display.  The wind will howl, gold, yellow, and red leaves swirl as you waltz through the day.  Fall is glorious and the festivities are about to commence.  Houndstooth Trivia  The distinctive hounds tooth pattern originates from Scotland and has been around from 360 AD and 100 AC.  The design of the pattern was to ensure the S