Houndstooth Coat


 Fall is Here

A warm fashionable coat is a must for the upcoming wintery season. Meghan Markle recently wore a stunning herringbone coat to the One805 Fundraiser in Santa Barbara signaling fall has arrived. A houndstooth coat is like a herringbone coat though the pattern is a slightly different.  I found this beautiful houndstooth coat online.  Ironically, it is from the British brand Barbour which I personally love.  I own two Barbour coats and the quality is sublime. 

This Barbour Houndstooth piece fits the fall bill and is elegant.  Imagine wearing a black turtleneck, black jeans or fitted pants with tapered legs, boots, and gold hoops for a show stopping display.  The wind will howl, gold, yellow, and red leaves swirl as you waltz through the day.  Fall is glorious and the festivities are about to commence. 

Houndstooth Trivia 

The distinctive hounds tooth pattern originates from Scotland and has been around from 360 AD and 100 AC.  The design of the pattern was to ensure the Scottish shepherds protection from the elements by giving the allusion that one was afar.  Flashforward to the 1930's when high society started to sport the houndstooth suit.  Houndstooth apparel became the aristocracy wardrobe for the weekends at their country-side estates.  Dior took houndstooth to the next level on the catwalks in the 1950's and since then fashion designers have continued to emphasize this sophisticated look. 

Barbour British Houndstooth Coat

Wear this with black, brown, and camel apparel.  Versatile and timeless.  66% wool. 

 The Perfect Houndstooth Duster Sweater

Classic lux from Karl Lagerfeld Paris. Pair with anything black or white. Staple for fall events.

Get ready for fall. Clean out your closets, put away summer attire and pull out all your favorite sweaters and autumn apparel.  Think pumpkin lattes, pumpkins, Charlotte the spider, rain, candy, and good times ahead.  While you are at, pick up an houndstooth coat or sweater.  

Etiquette Tip:  Your apparel does matter.  Lately, I have been seeing and hearing that it does not.  When you dress appropriately for an event, presentation, or anything meant for the public consumption you are sending a message about respect.  Not only for yourself but for the occasion or institution.  When you defy the dress code, you are only making a statement about yourself.  This can also be used on a daily basis.  

"People will make an impression of you within 30 seconds based on how you present yourself. How do you want to be remembered?  Defiant?  Lazy? In Charge? Confident? Team Player? Respectable? Admired? The result is up to you. Actions always have consequences.  Your choice, your world, your moment."  KH

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