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Monday's Favorite Things - Sunglasses

  What I Love This Week -  Ray-Ban Sunglasses My well-loved polarized Ray-Bans are scratched from constant wearing and setting them down.  Apparently, I should have put them in their case more than I did.  One day while driving, I noticed that the scratches on the lens were bothering me.  Upon a recent trip to my favorite store, I spotted a new pair of shades.  I tried them on and the rest is history.   I love these retro sunglasses.  They fit perfectly and have the polarization that is a must.  Why?  A glass surface is horizontal, the light reflects horizontally.   With polarized sunglasses, the surface filters out the horizontal light waves and protects from harmful UV rays. For example, wear a pair of sunglasses without polarization and investigate a river or lake.  You will not see the fish swimming clearly.  With polarized sunglasses you can see the fish with an eagle eye.  Thus, my fascination with wearing only polarized lenses.  By the way, I wear sunglasses year-round protectin

Monday's Favorite Things

  What I Love This Week -  Shady Lady Pajamas - So Pretty On a recent visit to Nordstrom for my favorite lingerie detergent, which they are out of and waiting shipment from manufacturer, I noticed a new pajama brand -   Shady Lady!  I love the fun prints, soft fabric and the Lily Pultizer like vibe.  The tiger print, animal pattern with monkey's and cheetah's reminds me of the jungle or somewhere warm and lush.  Perhaps with an ocean or pool near by.  In my dreams - right! As you all know, it is difficult to find elegant, classic and gorgeous pajamas.  Either the fabric screams child, or are in boring frumpy patterns or heavy fabrics.   I personally would like pajamas that are flattering, sexy and crazy fun.   The same for robes.  Why has everything become so dull and monochrome? Let's bring back glamour and excitement.  I did ask if they anticipated a fall and winter shipment with long sleeves.  After all, these lovely numbers below are slated for slumbering on heat infus