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Over the Knee Boots?

  To Wear or Not too Wear?  That is the Question? "I always love to dress up, but I usually end up in a leather jacket and boots."  Bella Hadid The season for boots has arrived again with a gale force especially in the Pacific Northwest.  Overnight, the autumn weather reverberated with a lion's roar.  Rain, wind and and the coldest day on record for the beginning of October 2021.  October 13th had a high of 50 and a low of 36 degrees.  The last time this happened was 125 years ago.  Yesterday, the sun was out, the trees are red, orange, and yellow and days of rain are around the corner.  Today, the rain is back with a vengeance. We are in for a stormy and wintery landscape with La Nina taking hold in 2021.  Skiers and snow lovers are singing praises in anticipation.     Hopefully, all of us have versatile boots meant for rain, wind, hail and yes, glorious snow.  Snow means skiing, long walks, hot chocolate, fires roaring, cozy sweaters along with laughter, love, and the h

Fall Books to Read 2021

  Fall & Winter Reading "Books are the plane, and the train, and the road.  They are the destination, and the journey. They are home."  Anne Quindlen I love actual hard bound books with crisp pages.  I love reading. I am constantly consuming a new book with eagerness.  My brother when we were young, said, "Your nose is always glued to a book."   Fast forward to today, every morning, I come downstairs, with a book in hand.  My husband, teases me, asking if I have enough hands to carry down the stairs, an iPad, my latest book, cups, and glasses from the previous night's reading frenzy? Well, I laughingly, can think of worse habits.  Reading and writing go hand in hand.   Reading expands your mind. You learn about new places, increase your knowledge, gain wisdom, embrace new experiences, feel emotions and become aware of the human condition.   The written word is powerful and memorable.  Renowned and beloved authors know how to create characters larger than lif