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Summer Beach Reads - 2016

Beach, Sun, Relax, Veranda, Ocean Breezes...... Relax, Read, Relax Summer is the ultimate time of the year to relax on the deck with a well written and memorable book that stimulates emotions.  These 5 summer sunshine fiction novels are filled with chic literature, adventure, drama, love affairs and everything that makes a book hard to put down.  This isn't the time of the year to invest in an in-depth "Game of Thrones like"  saga with zillions of characters, kingdoms, languages and territories to keep straight.  No, summer requires books that are scintillating, mind catching and quick page turners that can also be set aside between swims, walks, cocktails and everything else that happens.  And, finally the books must have a happy resolution, laughter or perhaps a satisfied smile.   Here is my summer 2016 list. All are Rated - Fabulous! Must Finish! Enjoy immensely!  Summer Read List  Note -  Novels Link to Amazon HBO Miniseries Bound

How to Add Tropical Influences - Apparel

This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Tropic Thunder Apparel is dripping in pineapples, bananas, grapefruits and other fashion forward fruits. The warm breezes, yellow sunshine and playfulness of dresses, skirts, tops and shorts patterned with tropical influences is whipping all into a frenzy.  This fashion maven was at a spring fashion show and riveted by the emcee sporting an unforgettable pineapple infused skirt that over shadowed the entire extravaganza.  For some zany reason the tropics are taking center stage.   Perhaps it is the magical delights fruit adds to very occasion.  Or the fact that fruity pieces during summer have always been a classic staple and is once again making a brightly yellow, green, pink, pink, red and orange appearance.  Magical Paradise I.  Splashes of  Exotic Color:   Tropical dresses with modern treasures of palm leaves, lemons and

Jeans Pink & Red Perfection for Summer 2016

Pretty in Pink & Ravishing in Red Summer has Arrived!  Snap and bend with pretty in pink or ravishing in red fitted skinny jeans that add a sparkle of beauty. After all a year of wearing classic blue denim has become a bit drab whereas brightly colored hues are so cat on a hot tin roof.  Images of sultry days, mint juleps, cocktail parties, sunsets and sunrises fill the mind with everlasting gratefulness and an utter joy of life.  With summer the flowers are in bloom, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, the water is lavished with diamonds thus a fashion maven can equally aspire to be fresh, beautiful and downright dazzling.    Pink Power I.  Pretty in Pink:  A luscious pair of pink shaded jeans paints a beautiful photo that is sure to capture the essence of a cotton candy sweet or a glam summer diva.  Dusty Rose  Cotton Candy Pale Pink "