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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022

  It is Here!  Back to Basics! The annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has arrived.  The pre-sale has been going on for a while to Nordstrom cardholders. The sale will open to the public on Friday, July 15th .  From my perspective, the sale in 2022 is about acquiring "basic wardrobe attire."  For instance, snap up lingerie, bras, boots, a warm winter coat and mascara.  My goal is to only purchase items that are lasting and not something that I will get rid of in a year. Interestingly though understandable, I did not see my favorites from last year on sale again this year.  For instance, Rag & Bone cashmere sweaters on sale last year were the ultimate for wintery days. I wore them repeatedly through the cold months. The current economy is not doing anyone any favors.  Everything, as we all know, has become insanely and outrageously expensive and many high-end brands are not participating in the sale. This does not mean you cannot find a few fabulous pieces. Of course, you