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Lagence Jeans - Summer

  The Holy Grail Jeans are a necessary staple for the fashionista.  However, with rising prices, change and uncertainty across the world there is a desire to seek out quality and craftsmanship.  For me, anything I purchase going forward must have a classic vibe and can be worn repeatedly for years to come.  My favorite fashionista friend said to me the other day that she only owns one pair of jeans -  Citizens for Humanity in the boyfriend style.  And she wears them all the time.  She doesn't need numerous pairs of jeans just the one. For me, I have lot of pairs of jeans, skinny style, and in various brands, which include Paige, AG, Rag & Bone and 7 for All Mankind.   So without further commentary - here is my favorite summer 2022 brand - L'AGENCE .   L'AGENCE is based in LA.   Their mantra is a California lifestyle, with a French attitude.  Timeless apparel that is lasting.   I am posting those on sale for you.  These are so comfortable! Happy shopping.  I hope you al

White Sneakers

Timeless Elegance With summer comes a sense of ease, comfort and simplicity when selecting one's apparel.  The days of heavy coats, chunky sweaters and boots have been swept away with the warm waves of sunshine.  Of course, if you live in the Pacific Northwest, we have been experiencing torrential downpours. Yes, it was the wettest May on record (last time was 1948) and we are now in June with overcast skies.   For all of those who have recently moved here, (we have seen every license plate from our country on the our roads in the last few months) they are experiencing the endless and strange rain and grey early summer.  On the other hand, if you are in the desert areas, a massive drought remains tragically in place.  My intuition believes water will be a problem in the future.  Thus, perhaps our rain is a blessing.  Only time will tell.  Wherever, you reside there are weather patterns causing angst.  However, life goes on.  At least it is green and lush outside even with the rain.

Yellow - Color of Joy

  Centerstage Once Again Shades of yellow are at the forefront this spring and summer.  The sunny hue adds a playful vibe when you are wearing this glory color.  Over the last few years yellow has been on point as the color of choice and causes quite a show stopping stir.  For instance, if you are a fan of the Housewives of Beverly Hills, (2022) , you will have recently seen Lisa Rinna in a gorgeous bright yellow suit during Harry Hamlin, husband, 70th birthday party.   She outshone every cast member in this yellow ensemble with a yellow blouse and scarf to boot.  More importantly, we need more yellow hues surrounding us now more than ever.  Joy.  We need joy, positive energy, good vibrations, and love.  After all the ugliness, unbearable and unimaginable evil in the world, we need love and goodness.  Put down the swords of hate, my way or the highway, and stop the mantras of no morals, no standards and no regard for the human condition.  We must come together and seek out societal nor