White Sneakers

Timeless Elegance

With summer comes a sense of ease, comfort and simplicity when selecting one's apparel.  The days of heavy coats, chunky sweaters and boots have been swept away with the warm waves of sunshine.  Of course, if you live in the Pacific Northwest, we have been experiencing torrential downpours. Yes, it was the wettest May on record (last time was 1948) and we are now in June with overcast skies.  

For all of those who have recently moved here, (we have seen every license plate from our country on the our roads in the last few months) they are experiencing the endless and strange rain and grey early summer.  On the other hand, if you are in the desert areas, a massive drought remains tragically in place.  My intuition believes water will be a problem in the future.  Thus, perhaps our rain is a blessing.  Only time will tell.  Wherever, you reside there are weather patterns causing angst.  However, life goes on.  At least it is green and lush outside even with the rain. 

While we contempt the changing climate, it is always grand to step into a pair of white tennis shoes. 

White Tennis Shoes

The rage right now is to step out in a pair of white sneakers which have been at the forefront for the last several years if not forever.  White trainers have always been a classic staple. These beauties make an outfit appear relaxed all the while elegant and chic.  Think of Audrey Hepburn in a pair of capris, and sneakers to finish off the ensemble.  Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, wore white sneakers, capris and an eyelet top.  Many others have joined the classic trend and are eagerly sporting white trainers.  

There are many fashion options to wearing white tennis shoes.  The best look is adding white tennis shoes with jeans, shorts or a loose dress.  I highly recommend purchasing all leather for ultimate comfort.   

       My Favorite

Greats - The Royale

The white Royale tennis shoe from Greats is sweet perfection.  I have had mine for several years.  The leather is sourced from Italian tanneries, manufactured in best-in-class factory.  These numbers have superior comfort and extra cushioning.  Recommend going up a half size.  Once you purchase a pair, you will find yourself purchasing one in another hue.  The price is right too. 

Order 1/2 size up. Truth be told, I have in 3 colors.  Love them for summer months. 

Tip to keeping them white:  Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and wash the cotton laces.  

Get comfortable, strike a pose and wear white tennis shoes for a classic vibe. 

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