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Yellow Sunshine

Symbol of Optimism & Hope "When life gives you lemons make lemonade"  Yellow is the color that takes your breath away.  It sings happiness, joy, creativity, analytical and original thought.  It is the hue in various shades that warms the soul on cold day.   The greatest energy booster is of course the glorious sun shining brightly in sky.  Life sparkles when the sun is out in its full glory. Summer is fast approaching, and the sunshine has been anticipated and received.  I like many have been partaking in the yellow orb heat.  Of course, keeping distance between each other while delighting in the liquid gold.    Why Yellow? Why Now?  "How wonderful the color yellow is.  It stands for the sun" Vincent Van Gogh As stated in a previous post, I have been enjoying the six part The Beach House trilogy by Mary Alice Monroe .  The stories take place off the coast of South Carolina on the Isle of Palm and in Charleston.  The books have heartwarming, sizzling dramas with

Beauty - I Choose

To See The Beauty "Some people chose to see the ugliness in the world.  The disarray. I choose to see the beauty." "To believe  there is order to our days, a purpose." Dolores Abernathy, (Westworld, Season 3, HBO, 2020) Listed quotes are from the final scene between Dolores to Maeve. What is Beauty? This latest article was inspired by the final scene in Westworld, Season 3, HBO, 2020 .  Dolores Abernathy, (Evan Rachel Wood), states her choice in life is to seek out beauty rather than the ugliness in the world.  The dissertation was brilliant and fitting for this moment in history.  Reminding me how important it is to follow a road of positive energy and to look for the exceptional in mankind.  According to Websters Dictionary, the word beauty means: the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit - Loveliness.  How appropriate and true.  Choosing beauty helps to think of kindness

St. Vincent - The Art of Nurturing

The Connection I hope you all had a happy Mother's Day last weekend.  This year Mother's Day had me thinking about what connection and nurturing means.  Mother's Day is a beautiful day to give thanks to our mothers and to ourselves.  We are mothers of children, friends' children, beloved pets, family, and friends.  Mothering and nurturing are a gift to spread to everyone.   It is your words to strangers or how you say hi to one another or share a smile.  It is the little things you do for family and friends.  The unexpected flowers, gifts or cards that arrive sharing care and love.  It could be the friend who lends their shoulder when you need to cry or vent.  We are all mothers in our own special way.  Be thankful and grateful for our own mothers and the mothers we have become.  The connection is at the core of being a wonderful nurturer to all you encounter.    This verbiage combined with the movie, St Vincent (2014), cemented my thoughts on how important connection a

Exercise - Walking & Running

Keep Moving   "Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood."   During troubled times exercise is a blessing. Exercise does the body wonders and refreshes the mind with energy and positive vibes.  A new perspective is brought forth and new horizons can be imagined.  If you can walk, run, or ride a bike around your neighborhood, keeping a distance between you and your neighbors, you will feel instantly better. Endorphins will flow within as the sun beats down on you and the habitat.    Notice the small things in life such as the lush colorful flowers blooming, sunrays, bumblebees, birds chirping and friendly smiles from others bringing joy and peace.   If you dwell in an apartment or condominium, step outside and take a twirl.  Let the sun, wind and environment brighten the body and mind.   Every moment is a gift so get ready to expand your horizons and be grateful for another glorious day.  Keep Moving "Waves are the

April Showers - May Flowers

Spring - New Beginnings Learning to Live Again Spring is here across the land.  It is a time of rebirth, replacement, renewal and fresh starts.  This year, because of the virus we are getting an opportunity to discover strengths within, ideas, creativity and innovation.  The reset button is in its place.  Flowers are blooming both outdoors and inside our hearts and souls. Equally relevant is the hardship with the loss of loved ones, jobs and retirement funds along with so much more.  How do you marry the beauty of spring with desperation and tragedy?  The virus has indeed set the world off kilter and righting it back into a new reality will take a significant amount of time.  The universe we live in is bound to be different in a variety of ways and perchance better. We can only hope that strength, courage, independence, self-reliance and a survivor instinct will leap forward.  Change is here just as the flowers are renewed from the ground.  New beginnings are everyw