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Pendant Necklaces

  Charming Statement Jewelry Photo by  Jasmin Chew  on  Unsplash "All my jewelry has stories" Eva Green The pendant necklace is in vogue.  As seen on individuals in social media, print, talk show hosts and amongst our friends. Often layered with other necklaces. Why not join the spring and summer party with jewelry bling? First, did you know that pendants with your initials or other various symbols date back 25,000 years?  These talismans or amulets symbolized spirituality, healing, and protection. History depicts pendants in encrusted lockets, diamonds shapes, hearts, florals and much more. A sign of wealth and high fashion. With the advent of costume jewelry everyone became enamored with a classic pendant.  A beautiful pendant necklace can bring joy and cheer to the beholder.  And, of course, subtle elegance.  Worn day or night. It is a minimalistic nod to art, beauty, life, an adds an extra sparkle.  Here are bejeweled beauties for you to chose from. *Affiliate links inclu