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Forever Chic Style - Holiday Beauty Products

The festive holidays for 2013 are fast approaching.   Tis the season to dress up, sparkle and shine at parties, for cocktails, dinners, luncheons, work or during daily activities.   Why not look and feel your best during the rush scheduled for November through January?  After all, the holidays only come once a year, so enjoy, glow and revel in breathtaking apparel with a polished approach.  It is rather sad in today's world to see women running around in sweats, no make up and seemingly thinking this is a badge of honor, which is frankly quite the opposite.  By the way, it does not make one more intelligent by not taking care of yourself or looking like one just rolled out of bed.   Think of all the famous, intelligent, lively and influential women in the world today and in the past - they always dress for success, which means, hair, makeup and clothes.  Why even a pair of jeans can be spiced up with the right accessories etc.  As Helena Rubenstein once said, "There are n

Sumptuous and Colorful Coats - Fall 2013

       The luxurious and colorful wool coat is imperative during the cold months of autumn and winter.  Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge , adorned in beautiful cloaks in soft fabrics dripping in color makes a royal statement when in the public eye. After all, grey days, rain, wind and snow keeps one wanting something exceptionally elegant and warm against the elements.   These luxurious coats can be worn to the theatre, holiday parties, to work or for daily errands.  Either way, a Forever Chic Style maven will be delightfully vibrant, display upscale respect and will be striking amongst the throngs of humanity.  kate spade new York 'eryn' wool coat - Nordstrom - $698  Caruana Loro Piana Wool Coat with Genuine Fox Fur - Nordstrom - $1,750 Trina Turk Belted Wrap Coat - Nordstrom - $545       Fleurette Long Wood Golden-Button Coat - Neiman Marcus - $995 Sale $746.25   There are many styles, hues and fabrics used in designing

Black and White Eternally Chic - Fall 2013

The combination of black and white is timeless and sophisticated for any occasion and remains eternally front and center Fall 2013 .   When getting ready for work, daily activities or a night out it is easy to slip on black pants or black jeans with a white sweater or a black suit with a crisp white blouse and complete the look with pearls, pumps or boots.  The result is a standout ravishing ensemble that commands attention and focuses all eyes on the person rather than the outfit. A lasting pairing.   Here are the top five essential black and white pieces necessary for a Forever Chic Style wardrobe.  The clothing that will be highlighted is what I like to wear.  However, there are many other brands that might fit your needs. I.  The Snow White Queen Shirt:   A white button down shirt is imperative in a closet.  Always select a high quality and well made white blouse.  This blouse can be worn under sweaters with jewelry or alone with jeans, dress pants or with a suit.  Add a scarf

All is Lost (2013) Robert Redford

     Robert Redford is the reason the film, All is Lost, is a watery, hair raising and gut wrenching film about survival and man's existence against all odds.   How would one survive in a crisis? Would one cry, fall down to the ground, give up or would one fight to survive?  Does one chose to fight with knowledge and sheer physical man power or sit waiting for help?  Redford at 77 years old is fit, active and portrays Our Man as a fighter not willing to give up against the mighty sea. All is Lost , opens with Redford (Our Man), a veteran sailor on a small sail boat that collides with a floating shipping container at sea, creating a hole in the starboard side of the boat.  Water gushes in and here begins the tale of how to fix a gaping hole and basically survive against the ocean and the unpredictable weather.  The saga takes place over eight days focusing on survival techniques, slipping and flipping in the sail boat during storms, fixing the hole,  fishing, emergency flai