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Fall & Winter 2015 Apparel - Top Ten

The American Classic   "It's Time to Dress for Success" Autumn is a time of renewal and reflection.  The leaves are burnished in reds, golds and yellows combined with breathtaking blue skies, morning mist and sunshine rays.  Of course, the rains and wet weather come in waves creating havoc and chaos while refreshing the land. Images of roaring fires, cups of steaming hot chocolate, leather coats, black stretch pants, chic boots, royal tweeds, soft velvet's and sumptuous furs fill the mind with hope and promise for a cozy winter.   The hues this season match the fall tones of wine infused pieces along with heathery pieces of creams and browns.   The American Classic apparel (think Ralph Lauren at the helm) remains center stage, poignant and easy to assemble especially if a Forever Chic Style maven has been following along with quality purchases over the years.  As for accessories opt for brooches, scarves and minimal jewels to combine with classic at