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Manners - A Lost Art

  "Manners are the sensitive awareness of the feeling of others, if you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use."  Emily Post First of let me be clear about my mantra.  I love fashion.  I love art.  I love books. I love movies. I love critical thinking.  I love intelligence.  I cherish being kind, connecting with others, acting with grace, acknowledging we are not alone, my actions matter, they count and to listen to others.  When I do something, it affects other people.   Everyone I am friends in this life is on this page of moral ethics.  Life is too short to live as if you are the only one in existence.  After two years of the deathly and scary  Covid 19 pandemic , our world has an endless sea of narcistic and wired individuals.   What is "wired"? Those with their heads down while they strut with ear pods and eyes glued to smartphones and or sitting at computers.  They are virtually unaware of their surroundings. Each day, there i

Back to the Office

  New Day, New Dawn & New Life Soon everyone will be back in the office ready to collaborate, mingle and work together in person.  For many this will be a breath of fresh air.   I have friends who I play tennis with that chose to work from their corporate spaces some time ago.  They wanted to be with people rather than at home on with distractions.  Sure, they loved getting things done at home while working but it isn't the same at all.  On the other hand, the paradigm has shifted and perhaps you are someone who loves working from your abode and will adopt the hybrid model.    For me, I love being with people and if I were working in corporate America, I would gladly dance my way back to an office space with fellow peers. How have I personally coped over the last two years? Well, ever since my club opened on periodically,  I went back tennis racquet in hand.  In fact, four of us were on the only tennis aficionados gracing one of six courts. The lights were off in the club, yet