Back to the Office


New Day, New Dawn & New Life

Soon everyone will be back in the office ready to collaborate, mingle and work together in person.  For many this will be a breath of fresh air.   I have friends who I play tennis with that chose to work from their corporate spaces some time ago.  They wanted to be with people rather than at home on with distractions.  Sure, they loved getting things done at home while working but it isn't the same at all.  On the other hand, the paradigm has shifted and perhaps you are someone who loves working from your abode and will adopt the hybrid model.   

For me, I love being with people and if I were working in corporate America, I would gladly dance my way back to an office space with fellow peers. How have I personally coped over the last two years? Well, ever since my club opened on periodically,  I went back tennis racquet in hand.  In fact, four of us were on the only tennis aficionados gracing one of six courts. The lights were off in the club, yet one court was lit up inside just for us. It was surreal after years of a lively atmosphere.  The club was quiet and eerie darkness surrounded us.  We masked and stayed our distance.  

Flash forward to the last year, we still remained masked, were all vaccinated and boosted and played tennis several times a week.  Afterwards, we often chatted over smoothies creating lasting connections.   As of Saturday, March 12, 2022, we are no longer required to mask.  We have come along way baby!

People are social beings who need interaction beyond computers and smart phones.  We need laughter, silliness, and human physical connection otherwise life is rather vanilla with no spice. Alas, a computer or smart phone are lifeless tangible objects with words, numbers or pictures staring us back.  There is no emotion, touch, non-verbal ques or interaction.  Imagine the animal kingdom with no physical prowess.  Pray tell how would animals exist?  They would not and neither would humans.  Furthermore, you do not get to really know someone via these genius tech machines that have taken over our world.  Put down the smartphone, turn off the smart watch when engaging with someone or activity.  You are not that important. The moment is. The moment is.  This is what you will remember.  The moment. 

Final Scene Nemo (2003):  Blowfish Bloat (Brad Garrett) says, "Now what?" 

What do I wear? 

This last week, a friend of mine was contemplating what to wear to a cocktail party? After several years of sporting leisure and athletic wear at home, it can be daunting to figure out an ensemble which is appropriate.  Thus, a quick overview of my classic basics is essential to get us out the door looking chic and fabulous ready for new adventures.  Life is back so dress the part, join the team and get out there.  This is your movie; your life and you are the director.  Do you want to stay hidden behind the tech screen or join the fray and live again with all the joy and mess that the human condition conjures? 

Prayers for Peace


Of course, while we contemplate getting back into the swing of human action, we must pray for those oversees during another horrific conflict.  It is devastating and sad to watch the destruction, death and innocent lives fleeing after they have lived through two years of a worldwide pandemic.  We know this isn't a movie, series on television but rather tragically the real world.  The horrific destruction, death and evil is unthinkable.  And the overall question is why so much pain towards the innocent?   So yes, while we think about what to wear, we pray for peace.  Pray for peace.  We pray for the good that the human condition can gladly bring to others.  We pray for good over evil.  We pray. What more is there? All else is irrelevant even though some think otherwise.   

Basics - Everyday Wear

Do you want to stand out?  Then stay away from trends.   Classic blouses, tailored pants, basic pumps or boots, pencil skirts and leather handbags that do not scream designer labels signal's you are not to be taken lightly.  Remember leisure wear and athletic wear are out if you want to appear formidable. In fact, it has come to my attention that athletic wear creates the wrong impression unless working out. Enough said. 

Conversely, a dark denim fitted jean can be worn if paired with a classic piece. Once you have your ensemble on, no matter what you wear, even on weekends, throw your shoulders back, head up, make eye contact, smile, wear lipstick (forget the no makeup look) and walk with a purpose.  You will be surprised how many people take notice. 

Let's begin.  I will be highlighting apparel from my affiliates and yes, if you click and purchase, I will get a minimal kickback.  The goal is to purchase quality that is timeless.  Even I have pared down my closet to a few basic elements and supplemented with other cheaper pieces.   Here are three picks to start up your new back to work closet. 

Number 1

The Tailored Black Trouser

Theory: Cannot go wrong.  Classic cut, comfortable and stylish. 

Rag & Bone Simone Slim Ankle Pants

Veronica Beard Scuba Pants 

Number 2

The Forever Brilliant White Blouse

Theory Tenia Long-Sleeve Blouse

Number 3

The Stop the Press Jacket

Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket

Veronica Beard Bi-Stretch Scuba Jacket

These three pieces can be worn with less expensive colorful blouses, basic tee shirts (Majestic my favorite), scarves and fun jewelry.  You can dress up, combine with other apparel, and dress down. The jackets can be paired with skirts, pants, and jeans.  Add a classic pump or boot and you are on winning track.  With your jewels invest in costume jewelry.  It is fun, inexpensive and adds an element of surprise to your ensemble.   

Lastly, the goal of any outfit is for you to shine and not the apparel.  When the apparel is noticed first and not you, then you have failed.   Seek to only highlight you.  After all, this is your movie, your time, and your destiny.  

Pray for Peace!  May your day be filled with light.  May we spread peace to all. 

That's a Wrap!

Until Next Time,


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