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Cashmere Scarves

  Cold, Sleet, Hail  Photo by  Katsia Jazwinska   on   Unsplash Who can resist cashmere in any form?  The fabric is soft, sensual, and very warm especially on frosty days.  A large cashmere scarf is also toasty when at home by a fire, on a plane traveling or even out for your daily errands.  For me, when playing tennis, a cashmere scarf is a necessity when racing from the cold outdoors to an indoor court.  Additionally, there is nothing more elegant than a pop of cashmere color to highlight one's face.  This week you might be looking for cashmere with the upcoming Black Friday Sales .   I found one for you at Bloomindales. Affiliate Shopping Applies C by Bloomingdales Cashmere From the Bloomingdales site:   For over 20 years, C by Bloomingdale's exclusive cashmere has been crafted of the finest, softest yarns from inner Mongolia. Sourced from local vendors who hand-brush their goats and collect only the most premium-quality fibers, our cashmere is ultrasoft and luxurious to the

Red Dress, Red Sweater, Red Pants

  Passion for Red Apparel  Photo by  Nick Fewings  on  Unsplash I love red.  Anyone who knows me understands I adore red and especially red lipstick.  A friend of mine who I worked with said, "Kim wore red lipstick before Angelina Jolie did."   On the opposite side of the spectrum, my mother did not care for my red lipstick.  However, when you love something, you love something.  Why do I love red?  Well, red is the color of strength, love, passion, loyalty, and courage.  It is my statement color.  We all should have a statement color that symbolizes who we are in this life.  Why not be a lioness in red?  Moreover, red is the holiday hue of the season.  Perhaps everyone this year wants to sparkle, give back and stand out.  Be a leader and not a follower.  Live by example and expect respect from those around you.   How do you decide which red to wear?  It has to do with the tone of your skin.  If you have a blue undertone in your veins, then you will want to select a blue red.