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Turtlenecks & Sweaters - Oh My

Autumn & Winter 2019 "Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting, and autumn a mosaic of them all." Stanley Horowitz Last week when I began this piece the gold, red and orange leaves were swirling like snow outside my window as the rain began to drench the land.  It is a glorious time of the year when everything is burnished with decadent color as the landscape changes.   The beauty is magnificent and a reminder of the circle of life.  If you love fall and winter, like I do, you are excited to slip on boots, sport cozy sweaters and wrap yourself in turtlenecks, scarves and ponchos.  The fires are lit, the cocoa is poured and the depth of change begins again as the world retreats into fall and winter.  North-Westerner Born & Bread  Being from the Northwest is a gift and a blessing.  The four seasons each bring something different and I relish them all.  Putting away summer clothes and getting out the fall and winter

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick & 7 Ways to be Lion or Tiger

What Does it Mean to Be a Strong Woman? Are you one or what to be? What does it take?  Are you a lion or a tiger figuratively speaking?   Throughout history lions and tigers were recognized for their strength, intelligence, speed and awe jaw dropping beauty.  The tiger is bigger and known for a solitary and nocturnal lifestyle while the lion is more social and family oriented.  I am obsessed with both for their magnificence in the animal kingdom.  However, why mention them and compare to the human condition?  Well, I think the fundamentals of caring for others, being strong, having conviction in ones belief but also the ability to expand one mind and to forgive and forget is so important. These two magnificent creatures are symbols for strength, loyalty, intelligence and a fierce love of family and friends. Crests, badges and other cultures have always referenced the tiger or lion for these traits.  Additionally, Charlotte Tilbury, (British beauty and ski

Hollywood - Discusses Community, Inspiration and Aging

"Tell Your Story and Use Your Voice" Rita Wilson: American actress, singer, songwriter, producer, writer Megan Mullaly: American actress, comedian, singer  Maria Shriver : American journalist, Former First Lady of California, and founder of the nonprofit The Womens Alzheimer's Movement Lisa Kudrow: American actress, writer, comedian, singer, producer Tina Knowles Lawson: American business woman (owned salons), fashion designer, known for House of Dereon, and Miss Tina. Mother of Beyonce and Solange Knowles Your Group This week while dealing with a swollen knee from playing too much tennis, I had the time to listen and watch to a segment on the Today Show hosted by Maria Shriver on aging - Hollywood Women Discuss Aging with Maria Shriver.     Rita Wilson, Megan Mullally  Lisa Kudrow, and Tina Knowles Lawson were being interviewed on their thoughts of being a "certain age".  They discussed everything from having had kids or not, lo

Wednesday - Fashion Plate News

The Hot List Friendship  This weekend I met with a friend for coffee. We found a couple of "must haves" that were high quality and gorgeous.   Of course, first we solved the worlds challenges over a cup or two of caffeine sunshine. It is so important to surround yourself with friends that support you especially in these caustic times.  When you fail, or make a mistake, they are the first ones to say, "next time" or "it's okay we are not perfect".  Learn the gift of apology too. It is healing to the soul for you and everyone.  Heal thyself and others.  Additionally, social media, the press and some souls are constantly filling the world with negative messages.  I often wonder why people spew their discontent over social media? Do they really believe anyone truly cares?  Or when someone admired and famous writes a beautiful piece read by millions only to spoil the message with a political bent or rant. The message is suddenly lost and dam

Everlane - Nordstrom Affair

My Favorite Brand - Quality & Right Price Everlane - Pop-In at Nordstrom - October 4th - November 17th What You Wear Sends a Message! Everlane is hands down one of my all time favorite brands.  I own several Boss Boots made in Italy, sublime cashmere sweaters, handbags and flats that are all made of exceptional quality.  The cost is less because Everlane does not sell their clothing via brick and mortar stores.  This fall, Everlane has partnered with Nordstrom to participate in the Pop-In section at select stores.  For more of an indepth background on Everlane , please check out my piece published on September 2017 about Everlane - Everlane - At Nordstrom 2017 .  If you want quality, simple and elegant pieces, and want to impress Everlane  is your brand.  It is very important to dress the part.  In fact, my daughter, recently recruited by a major tech company, opted once again to wear simple and classic suiting and Audrey Hepburn like apparel. At every co

Navy Jacket - The Ultimate Self Confidence

Must Own! The classic navy blazer is an essential piece in every fashion maven's wardrobe.  You can pair with jeans, pants, skirts, white shirts and appear regal and confident.  The hottest look right now is a crisp white blouse, deep dark blue jeans, navy jacket with pumps, booties or tall boots.  Add a beautiful scarf, diamond earrings and you are ready to take on the world.  After all, wearing a simple ensemble leads to feeling good about yourself.  Isn't that what we want? To feel good, to be remembered and to be heard?  It is so important in today's landscape to support one another rather than tear each other down in order to feel better about yourself.  Many can state barbed criticisms and not even think anything about it.  They are just "keeping it real" which in the end is not thinking of others and only about yourself.  The phrase "keeping it real" is a form of meanness rather than using your critical thinker or thoughtful mind.