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Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick & 7 Ways to be Lion or Tiger

What Does it Mean to Be a Strong Woman?

Are you one or what to be? What does it take? 

Are you a lion or a tiger figuratively speaking?   Throughout history lions and tigers were recognized for their strength, intelligence, speed and awe jaw dropping beauty.  The tiger is bigger and known for a solitary and nocturnal lifestyle while the lion is more social and family oriented.  I am obsessed with both for their magnificence in the animal kingdom.  However, why mention them and compare to the human condition?  Well, I think the fundamentals of caring for others, being strong, having conviction in ones belief but also the ability to expand one mind and to forgive and forget is so important. These two magnificent creatures are symbols for strength, loyalty, intelligence and a fierce love of family and friends. Crests, badges and other cultures have always referenced the tiger or lion for these traits. 

Additionally, Charlotte Tilbury, (British beauty and skincare brand) has developed a star lineup of lipsticks for eleven chosen icons who have shaped the world, instilled change, and have been personally a source of inspiration throughout her career.  The lipstick cases remind me of lions, tigers, leopards and the cat family. Strength and beauty within a small lipstick.  The power of these women and all of us is profound. We can be a lion or a tiger! Yes, but how?  Yelling and whining is not the path.  Just what is the path?

Lion's, Tiger's and Women - Oh My!

Have you ever met a strong woman who is a lion or a tiger?  I bet you all have. They are imposing, stand tall, walk with conviction and know how to turn on the power of graciousness when needed.  They do not bully others but instead stick to their ethics and proceed with individual wisdom and fortitude.  They keep their mouths shut unless something important is required.  For instance, think of Duchess Kate, who is a public figure in the royal family who keeps her true thoughts close to her heart, knows she is of the people and for the people, her lifestyle is from her people and everything she does is a reflection of the centuries old royal linage.  In other words, she doesn't moan or ever air her dirty laundry.  She has respect.  She walks with grace.  Similar to how Jackie Kennedy Onassis lived her tumultuous life in the United States. In comparison, Duchess Megan, is taking a different path causing angst and concern.  However, this behavior an be easily corrected if she wants to continue with finesse in her privileged position.  The tabloids can be and are brutal in the UK, as is the press in the US.  Tabloids and media love gossip, innuendo, intrigue and relish taking someone with power or fame to their knees.  The strong lion or tiger will ignore, walk with pride and secretly laugh or roar behind their backs. They know their strength and understand that honor and character far exceeds the rabble rousers or yellow journalism antics.  In other words, they show no fear or weakness ever.  Their lips are sealed.

Additionally, behind the scenes, they are tough though while in public they are kind with strength.  Oprah Winfrey is such a woman.  She can be fierce in business.  I had a sorority sister who worked for her and she was brutal as one has to be in order to be successful.  You cannot be successful in any field without being formidable.  You cannot.  Leaders are few and far between and some women like Winfrey embody the leadership skills and define her as a lion/tiger.   Just what are the 7 key components to be a lion/tiger:

The Roaring Seven 

  • 1. Loyalty & Core Beliefs are Firm:  Loyal to those who support them.  Their beliefs, faith are firm and set.  Though they can be open to new beliefs they rarely waver in decision making. 
  • 2. Speak or Roar with Authority:  When they speak people listen.  There comments are thoughtful, with conviction and backed up with facts.  They are open and tolerant versus closed and intolerant.  "My way or the highway" is not their mantra.  They know that learning something new emboldens them while expanding their thinking about an issue or an idea. 
  • 3. Listen with Their Eyes and Bodies:  Always with empathy and respond accordingly.
  • 4. Forgive, Forget Unless Attacking Family:  The path to being healthy to oneself and others is to forgive with love and then forget it. They do not hold grudges.  They live in the present and not the past.  In regards to family they will forgive you but may never forget ill comments. 
  • 5. Dress and Groomed with Pride:  They respect themselves and others in any given situation.  They know that within in 30 seconds they will be assessed.  If your outer appearance is well groomed you are then considered a formidable opponent. Thus, they dress with impact for the event, meeting or daily life. 
  • 6. Stand Tall and Walk Tall: Walking with a purpose sends a message.  You know what you want and you know where  you are going even if you don't. 
  • 7. Charismatic - Smile and Speak to Everyone:   They are not above anyone else.  They are not a God, nor think they are wiser, more intelligent or better than anyone. They give of light and warmth with strength mixed in.   Nor do they have an entourage of "Yes" minions who only believe what they believe and keep them isolated from humanity.  They want to connect with everyone in their path on any given day. 

Women of Women International - Non-Profit

$1.3M Pledge

All of us can be a lions and tigers with conviction.  While contemplating the idea, Charlotte Tilbury, has the perfect Hot Lips "Lion hear me roar with grace" lipstick to add to your collection.  These lipsticks are represented by fearsome women in our great world.  Additionally, Tilbury, is pledging $1.3M to Women for Women International, a nonprofit organization that educates women in war-torn countries.

The Lion and Tiger Ladies Represented

The Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 lineup includes Edward Enninful, J.K. Rowing, Susan Sarandon, Kylie Minogue, Amal Clooney, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Aniston, Carina Lau, Sofia Vergara, Olivia Palermo and her mother, Patsy Tilbury.   All lions and tigers!

My personal favorite is Amazing Amal which is a soft berry pink   Not only is the color sublime and the texture smooth and lovely but the case represents a tiger to me.  And, to top it off the lipstick is refillable.

There you have it.  Seven paths to muse over.  Are you a lion or a tiger? Do you want to be?  If so, you can.  While you are at it enjoy the ride and live your life to the fullest.  You are amazing.  And, don't forget your lipstick! 

"Red lipstick is instant glamour" Charlotte Tilbury

Until Next Time! Be Kind. Be Brave. Be a Lion or a Tiger. 

Love, Kim


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