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Sam Edelman Sandals

  Stepping Out in Style "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" - Marilyn Monroe Are you looking for a comfortable and elegant slide sandal? The  Sam Edelman brand has the model solution with these beautiful sandals.  They come in several hues, are made of leather, and have a comfortable sole.  The  Sam Edelman Woman's Bay Slide Sandal is a classic staple for hot days.  I also love that the logo is on many of them are on the sole rather than front and center.  Another nod to quiet luxury.  Pair with white jeans, shorts, skirts, and pants.  *Affiliate compensation with some links.  Walk with grace.  Smile with warmth.  Dare to be a leader in this world.  Spread hope, love, and kindness.   These Sam Edelman flats will inspire you to spread joy.  Happy walking.   Happy Easter Everyone! That's a Wrap! Until Next Time Kim

Lily Pulitzer - Yellow Shift Dress

  Anything Lily - Lily Pulitzer That Is! "Being happy never goes out of style." - Lily Pulitzer Liquid sunshine is in vogue.   I love Lily Pulitzer dresses for spring and summer. I have several and wear them repeatedly.  The fabrication, fit and joyful prints are exceptional.  Envision wearing it on vacation or on the veranda enjoying a cocktail.   This Del Rey Stretch Shift Dress in tropical yellow is simply timeless.  Match with gold sandals, gold earrings and a touch of pink on the lips.  The outcome is sunshine magic.  Who doesn't want a little yellow fairy dust sprinkled on them? Who is Lily Pulitzer - You Ask? Pulitzer, an American entrepreneur in the 1950's, living a socialite life in Palm Beach, suddenly found herself at a loss of what to do next.  After all, you can only party and travel for so long before boredom sets in. She and her husband owned several orange groves in Florida. With her ingenious mind, she decided to open a fruit stand squeezing oranges

White Shirtdress

  Elegance in White                                                          Diane von Furstenberg "The joy of dressing is an art." - John Galliano White is timeless in a well-designed shirtdress.  A white shirtdress signals spring and summer are around the corner. Wear this modest number throughout the warmer months. The effect is classic and memorable signifying elegance.    Today there is emphasis on quality apparel and minimalism in accessories.  The day of large and flashy logos are "out" and (frankly always have been), and instead there is a nod to quiet luxury.  Refined fashion leaders are following this fashion memo. The result is to notice the entire person and not the garish apparel piece or flashy accessory.  After all, old money fashion has always spoken volumes worldwide.  Why So Naked?  One burning question? " Why are women in media wearing skimpy outfits baring all?   This movement reeks of a desperation for attention.  In comparison, Audrey Hepb