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MAC Lipstick - Sale

  Beautiful Bargain!  Photo by  Ashley Piszek  on  Unsplash Shopping contains affiliate content.  If you select and order from this site, I earn a small commission. Thanks for shopping in advance!  Let's Chat Good Morning Beauties!!  MAC lipstick is on sale. Limited time only.  Peek and check out these selections.  I recently purchased a MAC lipstick in red and love it.  I had forgotten how MAC lipsticks add extra hydration, shine and long-lasting color.  Now I am back to purchasing MAC lipsticks with aplomb.  And these lovelies are on sale.   Statistics: Immediate Shine Instant Hydration America's #1 Makeup Brand America's #1 Lip Color Brand One MAC Lipstick is sold every 4 seconds in North America Additionally, it is extremely important to take care of your lips.  When you talk, your lips are obviously the number one feature noticed.  Thus, lipstick or lip balm is an absolute must.  MAC Satin Lipstick- Creamy and Satin Finish MAC Creamsheen Lipstick - Immediate Shine MA

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023 - Beauty

  Top Beauty Picks Photo by  Amy Shamblen  on  Unsplash "Whether I am wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I am always the same person inside." Lady Gaga Do I hear makeup on sale?  Yes, I do.  One cannot forget to peruse the beauty department online or instore at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  This is the ultimate opportunity to snap up items that you will use throughout the year.  Why not get these lovelies at a discounted price.   I do not get an affiliate compensation for giving a shout out to these beauty marvels.  My Top Selections Lush Lashes & Brows RevitaLash works.  Period.  To me false lashes or lash extensions look plastic and out of place.  Unfortunately, social media or the media in general portrays women as overstuffed birds, with either bird like or buffed masculine figures and are often seen half naked.  Everyone clucks over them, and women at large follow in suit.  Fake breasts, fake eyelashes, fake faces, fake enhanced bodies, and the question is why

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - 2023

  Are You Ready? Wish List? Photo by  freestocks  on  Unsplash The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in process for select card holders.  With the official sale open to the public on Monday, July 17th.  Lately, many of my friends and I, have been debating on what we really need.  Are we shopping for our "fantasy" life?  Will we wear these pieces or will they sit in our closets?   Many of us love fashion and enjoy buying the newest and greatest item only to never wear it.  I, for one, am thinking about what I wear throughout the year.  It seems so wasteful to purchase when you do not need it. Everyone always says "It isn't about what you need, it is about what you want."  This year I am content with my fashion world.   I must note that it is important to have classic staples such as a stunning blazer or two, elegant pants, statement blouses, the little black dress and quality pumps.  After all, if you are working, in the public eye or meeting friends for cocktails,