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Good Morning Beauties!!  MAC lipstick is on sale. Limited time only.  Peek and check out these selections.  I recently purchased a MAC lipstick in red and love it.  I had forgotten how MAC lipsticks add extra hydration, shine and long-lasting color.  Now I am back to purchasing MAC lipsticks with aplomb.  And these lovelies are on sale.  


  1. Immediate Shine
  2. Instant Hydration
  3. America's #1 Makeup Brand
  4. America's #1 Lip Color Brand
  5. One MAC Lipstick is sold every 4 seconds in North America

Additionally, it is extremely important to take care of your lips.  When you talk, your lips are obviously the number one feature noticed.  Thus, lipstick or lip balm is an absolute must. 

MAC Satin Lipstick- Creamy and Satin Finish

MAC Creamsheen Lipstick - Immediate Shine

MAC -Re-Think Pink Matte Lipstick - Barbie Lips

Happy Shopping.  And, if you have not seen the movie, Barbie (2023), I highly recommend this fun, witty, clever and fantastical film for adults.  If you are a youngster, you may not understand the humor. Those that grew up with Barbie will laugh, cry, and thoroughly enjoy the film, which has grossed $560M in the first seven days worldwide.  Imagine that.  Girl power!!! Get your pink on and dress up those lips with a glorious hue.  After all, this is your movie, your time and your hour to shine. 

"Just have fun. Smile. And keep putting on lipstick." - Diane Keaton

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