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Flower Apparel Spring 2017

Floral Madness Flowers, flowers and more flowers are spreading rapidly among apparel pieces this Spring.   The effect is romantic, whimsical and feminine emphasizing the beauty of women and nature. The magical wand of roses, tulips and other floral hues brings smiles and happiness when stepping out for daily activities.  Spoil the soul with color and youthfulness when donning a floral pattern.  Here are few favorites.  Top of the Morning! I. Tops and Floral Attraction:  Slip on a flower infused top that is dramatic and bee attracting.   Combine with jeans, pants or skirts.  Watch the buzz frenzy spill forth.  Butterflies and Flowers Ted Baker London Floral Print Tee Joie Vernice Print Silk Top Sanctuary Misha Off the Shoulder Floral Top "After women, flowers are the most divine."  Christian Dior _____ Jeans with Flower Power II. Flower Up:  Spring forward

Gifts - The Little Gifts Count

Pretty Statements It is the small gifts that matter the most.   The little things which shout joy and bring forth spring like memories of apple pie, sunshine, lemonade and of course thoughtfulness.  Yes, a shiny blue teacup, flower earrings, a pair of brightly hued sunglasses or a dash of cherry red lipstick changes the day from dreary to cheery.   The small things in Spring 2017 become center stage adding a sense of hope, delight and happiness to come.  Hair Color Moments I.  The Happiness Hair Holder:   Spring colors in beautiful hues are exceptional for adding a bright spot of cheerful sunshine to a pony.   Additionally fall back on a standard braided headband in black for a beautiful hair fix. L. Erickson Ponytail Holder Cara Faux Leather Flower Headband L. Erickson Braided Headband "It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:  when it is summer in the light,