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The Color of Pink is Hope

Message of Pink Power If anyone is living a normal life today, we are not doing what we need to do to save lives in this state. - Govenor Jay Inslee, Washington State Wherever you reside on this great planet, we are all being tested mentally and many physically with the deadly  COVID 19 virsus.  The daily briefings and news is filled with the latest deaths and statistics.   It is possible to become overwhelmed and perhaps feeling useless in not being able to help.  Of course, you can give money but that is not the same as being on the front-lines.  Our nurses, doctors, health care workers and first responders are indeed blessed by God for working diligently around the clock fighting this horrific virus.  We are all truly grateful for their tireless care.  They know that they will contract the virus and yet they carry on vigilantly.  Our only hope is that the vaccine will become available sooner versus later.  In the meantime, trying out the malaria drug, hydroxychloroqui

Back to Basics - Fresh Look at All We Do

Spring 2020 Simplicity We are back to basics in in our daily life.  Many of the activities, events and much more have come to a wise and required halt to defeat the Covid 19 virus.  Everything from racing off to work, planning get together's, activities of all sizes, picking up children, dropping off children or running around fulfilling any tasks are put on hold indefinitely. The finer options from dining out, getting nails done, hair cuts, playing a team sport, having your house cleaned, working out at a club or relying on local store for prepared food are gone also with the wind. The day has come to do it yourself with a revitalized pleasure. Embrace It Frankly, there is nothing wrong with going back to the fundamentals of opting for a simple and non complicated life which perchance many follow already.  My mother did it all.  She worked, made dinner, cleaned on Saturdays, ironed shirts and effectively was always busy insuring our lives went smo

Kindness, Gentleness - A Time to Reflect

United Front "There is a life of happiness to be found in the sphere of gentleness, kindness, mildness, lovingness,  he says; it's like he's become a living embodiment of the charming and tender decorations that lined the hallways of that schoolhouse, an array of smiling children and animals and suns.  "We must be learn to be in the world."  - Pius XIII, The New Pope, HBO, Second Season  Questions, Questions, Questions "There is no place like home." "You know what is so beautiful about questions?   It's that we do not have the answers."  The New Pope, HBO Let's take the next 15 days and become a united front against the fastest spreading virus in history. The Covid 19 virus is highly contagious and with everyone following protocol perhaps we can flatten the curve in the United States. Stay home.  Stay put. The moment has arrived for all of us in the world to unite as one.  Now is the time.  Not tomorrow, not

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex - Last Royal Waltz

Smiling in the Rain! Once Royal and Puff Celebrities!   Meghan has graced her presence in the United Kingdom this last week after the sudden departure in January 2020.  What a splash of fashion she has made across the globe.   Her attire, smile and presence has brightened everyone's spirits while we constantly read or hear about the vicious virus tainting our days.  Not to downplay the seriousness of the illness but it is refreshing to focus on joy for a moment. The happiness between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex soon to be called Harry and Meghan is readily apparent in every photo. They have morphed into star powered celebrities right before our eyes.  Their glow was effervescent, and the loss of the House of Windsor has jolly well been replaced with good ole American celebrity fame.  The Firm for these two will be sorrowfully remembered as a fairy tale that went south.  Once promising with VIP's, celebrities in attendance at their wedding versus close f

Prince Harry - The New Harry

 The People's Prince Many around the world will bow their heads for a moment this March when Prince Harry completes his final engagements for his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.  Perhaps it is the worse fear of every parent to watch their child make dramatic changes to ones life especially when closing the door of connection to all of them.   Last week Gayle King on CBS This Morning , stated that after Prince Harry joins the Royal Family Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on March 9th,  the world will now call him Harry effective on March 31st.  King's tone was solemn while shuffling her papers.  Only can only think that the disappointment will be tremendous for those loved left behind.  Let's step back and reflect on Princess Diana, Prince Harry's incredible and broken mother for a moment.  Princess Diana was beloved around the globe and was known as The People's Princess .  I have followed her since she and I were both 18 years old.   My