Kindness, Gentleness - A Time to Reflect

United Front

"There is a life of happiness to be found in the sphere of gentleness, kindness, mildness, lovingness,  he says; it's like he's become a living embodiment of the charming and tender decorations that lined the hallways of that schoolhouse, an array of smiling children and animals and suns.  "We must be learn to be in the world."  - Pius XIII, The New Pope, HBO, Second Season 

Questions, Questions, Questions

"There is no place like home."

"You know what is so beautiful about questions?   It's that we do not have the answers."  The New Pope, HBO

Let's take the next 15 days and become a united front against the fastest spreading virus in history. The Covid 19 virus is highly contagious and with everyone following protocol perhaps we can flatten the curve in the United States. Stay home.  Stay put.

The moment has arrived for all of us in the world to unite as one.  Now is the time.  Not tomorrow, not yesterday but now. It is imperative that everyone of all ages thinks about their fellow man rather than themselves.  We must listen, pay attention and follow the guidelines so that we all can be safe from this pandemic virus.  We must stay at home, we must stop running frantically catching fireflies or whatever you are chasing.  We must take care of each other by being supportive and lending a helping hand.   We must reflect on how we want to be as a people going forward.  We must be present today.

What does this mean? Social distancing from one another.  Be proactive.  Don't decide this doesn't affect me. Why should I not travel or congregate with friends? I am young.  I will not get sick. I will wait until my state, city or country locks us down.  This is precisely my point.  Don't wait.  All of us need to work together.  And, by acting as a team we are reassuring one another of our situation.   We are not alone.  We are helping one another. We are saving lives. We are one united front against a deadly virus that is ripping apart every nation on the planet.

What Once was is Over...

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;All the king's horses and all the king's men - Couldn't put Humpty together again."

What is to Come will be a Brighter Future...

Of course, people are scared, confused, frightened because we do not know what is coming.  The world as we have known has tipped upside down like Humpty Dumpty who had a great fall.  We are moving towards uncharted territories with possibilities, challenges and individual growth.  It is the unknown that implements a "state of fear."  As with every world crisis there is often uncertainty, challenges, pain, tragedy, possible death along with new joy, new hope and new adventures.  Change is always present.

For us, in 2020, we are facing a pandemic with the Covid 19 virus that is ending lives and threatening our existence as we have known it.  The stock markets, industries, livelihoods are crashing around us which can only lead us on a different path.  With every historical event the aftermath has always become brighter.   Perhaps for many a life filled with more contentment, family time, fulfillment and connection.

Throughout history, conflict, war and diseases have always forged unease.  We can be survivors by acting quickly.  We have to adapt.  Many are quickly stocking up on food, medicines, working from home and reading themselves for a staycation.  We are listening. We are doing.  Don't panic.  The essentials will remain available.

The Test 

"Excellence is not a gift, but a skill that takes practice. We do not act rightly because we are excellent, in fact we achieve excellence by acting rightly." Plato

I believe we are tired of all the ranting and raving about anything and everything on social media or in the press.  The screaming "I am right and you are wrong" or  "I know everything and you know nothing" are falling onto deaf ears. Additionally, the obsession and pontificating the latest travel adventure, fine wines, fine food and the endless need to run about like a chicken has become so boorish.  So dull and so shallow.  Is that who we want to be?  Guinea pigs on a treadmill checking off our Bucket Lists to feel good, superior or alive? When did we stop living in the moment? When did we become arrogant and disdainful of those who do not think like we do?   No matter.  The test is now before each of us.  How will you play your part?  

There will be plenty of time to sit back and think about your journey.  This virus when it ends will change our way of life forever.  During the Great Plague of London in 1665, Sir Issac Newton was forced to stay home from Cambridge University.  During this time he invented Calculus, parts of optic theory and inspired his understanding of gravity and laws of motion.  My point is thinking, writing, reading and reflection poises the opportunity to develop.

The movie Yesterday (2019) reminded me of the creativity and inspiration of their songs.  The Beatles along with any song writer dreamed, listened, viewed surroundings and let the tunes percolate through trial and error.  How do great writers write?  They pour over locations, devise plots, examine history and speak with people.  Nothing comes easy. Or the development of Microsoft for that matter.  It was a vision, an idea that everyone would be communicating by a computer on every desktop and in every home.  It wasn't based on science or numbers on how this would happen. It was the unknown. The unseen.  The not tangible.  It was a belief  held by the employees combined with intelligence, creativity, thinking quickly, adapting daily and having the capabilities that made Bill Gates vision happen.  I remember friends saying that we would never communicate via email or on a computer.  Today, we all communicate via smart phones, email and on a computer.

Thus, during the next 15 days we are being challenged to be creative while we are working, spending hours with family, studying while at home or relaxing.   We can build, expand on dreams, develop ideas and ultimately become a better version of ourselves.  More importantly, believe in the unknown and the future to come.   Embrace it.

Self Reflection, Self Assessment, Self Evaluation

What is important to you?  Where do you want to go next?  Who do you want to be?   Self assessment, self valuation and self-empowerment are at our fingertips.  15 days.  Be strong, have faith and quiet the anxiety in your mind and life. Journal, write, learn something and reach out to others via phone, email, texts or social media.  Keep engaged.  Watch the press conferences to be informed.  This will pass.   Wash your hands, be with your family and most importantly become a gentle soul.  No more judgement. Be a leader.  Be the example.  Your gentleness, mindfulness, mildness and kindness will become the new normal. The future.  Be united as one.  We got this.

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending" CS Lewis

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