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Back to Basics - Fresh Look at All We Do

Spring 2020 Simplicity

We are back to basics in in our daily life.  Many of the activities, events and much more have come to a wise and required halt to defeat the Covid 19 virus.  Everything from racing off to work, planning get together's, activities of all sizes, picking up children, dropping off children or running around fulfilling any tasks are put on hold indefinitely. The finer options from dining out, getting nails done, hair cuts, playing a team sport, having your house cleaned, working out at a club or relying on local store for prepared food are gone also with the wind. The day has come to do it yourself with a revitalized pleasure.

Embrace It

Frankly, there is nothing wrong with going back to the fundamentals of opting for a simple and non complicated life which perchance many follow already.  My mother did it all.  She worked, made dinner, cleaned on Saturdays, ironed shirts and effectively was always busy insuring our lives went smoothly.  There was no other choice. 

Recently on social media many of my friends are enjoying the art of cooking for their families and eating together.  What once was lost is now back in vogue.  It can be fun to pick out a recipe and make it.  However, maybe make one big dish that lasts for two nights.  And, also chose dishes that are easy and light.  If they become complicated you are spending too much time in the kitchen.  After all it isn't Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Perchance the older generations were and are onto to something.   Save versus spending.   Do it yourself rather than hire it out.   Own a few clothes versus several closets worth of fabric, jewelry, boots, pumps, work out gear and the list grows.  It is a reset for many of us.  What is important? Why did I spend when I could do many myself? Or why did I spend money on clothing that I rarely wear?  So much to ponder during our staycation. Don't think for a second that I will give up my nails, hair or shopping once our home vacations ends.  Though shopping will be about basics and need versus want.  Being thoughtful.

A Few Worthy Fashion Tips

Some have said to me, "I love your blog and your insights".  "Keep it up." One person said, "Anna wants you to write for her magazine."  Which of course made me smile.  I love writing and your support is thousand fold.  Thank you for believing in my writing passion.  

Others have mentioned show more fashion.  Here you go.  Please note everything at Nordstrom Online is 25% off.  Click away my friends. 

Polish Thy Nails at Home

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Polish - 743 Petale

1.  Do Your Own Nails:  Do your own nails at home.   I love the powder dip and the perfection of the finished product. Thus, I will eagerly be back to my favorite place once this passes.  However, mine are ready to pop so I will take them off.  Probably from all the washing of my hands and slathering them with sanitize solutions.  I actually have always enjoyed doing my nails. In college every Friday, I would turn on my portable television to my favorite soap opera maybe General Hospital (still on and with the some of the same people - 40 years later), open a fashion magazine and paint away.  It was relaxing.

As the years have passed, I indulged myself by getting them done.  And, of course, I have always enjoyed my manicurists over the years too. We chatted and solved all the worlds problems.   Today, one of my besties and I have been going every two weeks to chat, drink green tea and talk to the owners and guests.  It is a scene right out of  the movie, Steel Magnolias (1989) with Julia Roberts.  Seriously, the best and most relaxing time ever.  I am southern gal at heart.  By the way, I have a gorgeous Magnolia tree in my backyard.  Just saying...

The Ultimate Cross Body Handbag 

Rebecca Minkoff Edie Flap Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag

2. Cross Body Handbags:  After going to the grocery store for the millionth time,
I would like to recommend putting away big handbags and totes.  Your hands are constantly searching in your handbag for this or that and spreading germs.  A small cross body is sufficient.  Include, credit and insurance cards, keys, lipstick, hand sanitize product and hand lotion.   Done! No need for lot of "stuff" since grocery stores are about the only place we are all going these days.

Did you Say Lipstick Madam? 

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Medium Matte Revolution Lipstick - Pillow Talk Medium

3. Indulge With Lipstick:  Don't leave home without it.  For that matter, put some on while you are at home.  During war times, women always wore their lipstick.  It is the extra pop needed during the day.

The Outfit for Day.  Don't be Drab.  Be a Queen in Your Home!

AG Farrah High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans - Black 

Halogen Genuine Calf Hair Belt

4. Pajamas for Night - Jeans Per Day:  In the mornings swap out your pajamas for fitted work out gear to get the day started. Fitted work out gear.  I have noticed a terrible trend of baggy and ugly sweats on celebrities. Don't do it. Frump fest.  Change later in the day to your favorite pair of jeans, add a leopard print belt and sweater or top.  Done.  Simply marvelous darlings!

My Personal Favorite Luxury

Lancome La Vie est Belle Eau De Perfume

5.  Perfume is Bliss in a Bottle:  Lavish yourself with perfume.  Why not?

What is Your Personal Reward for Yourself  Today? 

Maybe you will buy yourself some flowers and create a pretty arrangement? Tulips or a few primroses to grace your winter lifeless pots?  Or how about making homemade cookies? Yum. Chocolate Chip.  A simple dinner for your family.  How about a long walk in the your neighborhood with distance from others?  Painting? Writing?  Reading a book?  Calling friends or texting? You decide.  What makes your heart sing?   The joys of going back to the basics of life are ten fold.  The personal accomplishment, connection to family and satisfaction.  You did it yourself.   

Attack Your Closet 

Another idea is to begin cleaning out all your junk drawers and your office if you have one.  Or mull over tackling your wardrobe?    After all, it is the time of year to pare down our winter wardrobes and prepare for summer apparel.  What do you really need? Make a list for white jeans, black pants, blouses, flats, boots and colorful accessories?  Scarves are spot on plus in bright and vibrant hues.   The vibrant Spring 2020 tones include lime green, screaming pink, vivid yellow, turquoise blue and lively orange.  Stay tuned for a post on all these luscious colors to grace your closet.  Yes, they will be good basics rather than here today and gone tomorrow clothing.

Remember to get dressed everyday during our home vacations. It will boost your self esteem and hope for the future. Wear a pair of jeans, warm sweaters or tops depending where you live, spritz on perfume and wear makeup.  Many of the celebrities are in social media videos and look like they just rolled out of bed.  Decide to be an example of living life well.  Step it up and take care of yourself.

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they notice the woman." Coco Chanel

Look of the Week - March 16th

Brooke Shields in New York

There you have it!  Keep on creating and enjoying yourself and family.  This time will pass.  Pray for those suffering from the virus.

Yes, back to the basics of living life.  Spring 2020 is our chance to simplify our lives and realize what is important to each and everyone of us. 

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo Da Vinci

Forever Chic Style - Kim Hardwick 


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