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Beauty - I Choose

To See The Beauty

"Some people chose to see the ugliness in the world.
 The disarray.
I choose to see the beauty."
"To believe 
there is order to our days,
a purpose."

Dolores Abernathy, (Westworld, Season 3, HBO, 2020)

Listed quotes are from the final scene between Dolores to Maeve.

What is Beauty?

This latest article was inspired by the final scene in Westworld, Season 3, HBO, 2020.  Dolores Abernathy, (Evan Rachel Wood), states her choice in life is to seek out beauty rather than the ugliness in the world.  The dissertation was brilliant and fitting for this moment in history.  Reminding me how important it is to follow a road of positive energy and to look for the exceptional in mankind. 

According to Websters Dictionary, the word beauty means: the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit - Loveliness.  How appropriate and true.  Choosing beauty helps to think of kindness as the first act.   To notice the good, the positive, versus the bad and negative in life.  To see the magnificence of nature, gentleness of mankind, hope and promise.   Eyes are opened and not shut.  Curiosity and goodwill prevail. 

Turn Down the Noise

How to become a seeker of beauty when negative energy flows briskly in the wind. The bleak brushing against the brightness of the soul.  The messiness of the news.  The juxtaposition between anger and love.  The eagerness to feel hate, indignation, disappointment along with sorrow sweeping the land fed as a daily drug.  An addictive drug that is devoured with rapture to fit narratives, beliefs, and ideals. Is it a drug of choice?  Can a society evolve to something better as nature and mankind bends to a new way of living?  Perhaps beauty might be wise path during the transition rather than the road of gloom and doom.   A path to inner peace, optimism, acceptance, and love.  

On Saturday morning, May 16th, I had the opportunity to listen to Oprah live for Weight Watchers.  Her thoughts were inspirational.  One comment struck home.  She mentioned when her friends call and want to discuss the latest in the news that is negative, she immediately stops them and says, "I will not go down this road with you."  Oprah has boundaries to listening to the latest tidbit of pessimistic information. Perhaps she wants to seek out the positive rather than go down the rabbit hole of ugliness.  

Of course, thoughts and opinions can be discussed if open to all sides of an issue.  Challenges arrive when certainty is a given and all other comments are negated.   Being open is indeed healthy.  Oprah does have a strong point on keeping negative energy firmly outside her door.  She is onto something. 

The Great Divide

The divide is rampant compounded with rules on how to live though every state varies regarding the virus.  There are perhaps many reasons swirling in the air that might ruffle feathers. Perchance it is the endless parade of new twists on the virus splattered against the windowpane of humanity.  The numbers, statistics, every changing ideas of how the virus spreads, new therapeutics, pending vaccines, or no vaccine, loss of jobs and tragedy of death is troubling.  

To close the chasm, tap into the graciousness of the human condition.  The hope, the optimism that a new day will arise, and contentment will prevail.

Control Thy Self

Control of self is my goal.  My words, accountability and responsibility for my actions  are top of mind. 
Change the paradigm, turn down the volume of the television and keep personal social media upbeat.  With eyes wide open, ears to listen, intellect to consider viewpoints, seek out the beauty path for the months ahead, "I choose to see the beauty."  Beauty in all thought. Beauty in self. Beauty in mankind. Beauty in nature. 

"I choose to see the beauty." 

Steps to Beauty

People Who Need People - Are the Luckiest People

"I was angry at first torn between two impulses." "You and I have seen so much of it.  So much pain." 

Choose people in your life who support your efforts, creativity, and acceptance.  Shower the select few with grace and love.  Be kind to people you meet while visiting grocery stores or on walks.  A hello, or thoughtful compliment can brighten the day.  Words of joy, positive energy and smile behind a mask makes a day brighter. Relish the beauty in this world. 

Home - Abode - Your Place of Solitude

"Moments of kindness here and there."

Fill your house with flowers, color, warmth, and love.  Choose a room and make it a sanctuary.  Many are working from home which can cause extra stress though decorating can make a difference.  Contentment can be attained by cleaning, organizing, baking cookies, diffusers with warm scents, books for reading and vases filled with flowers.  It is the small things that bring peace to the heart, hearth, and home.  

Photography - The Beauty Surrounding You

"They know enough of beauty to teach it to us."

Many are posting beautiful plants and flowers on social media from their walks or gardens.  This is one of nature's finest hours when everything is blooming, lush and breathtaking.  Revel in the beauty enveloping land.  Share the results. Even a small flower growing in between the cracks of cement can make your heart burst with gratefulness. Nature is strong, resilient, and ever maturing.  Embrace wholeheartedly with relish.  

Writing - Journal - An Exercise for the Soul

"Maybe they can find it themselves" 

Writing out thoughts or copying inspiring quotations into a journal is a form of art and relaxation. The opportunity to examine, refresh and be quiet with is indeed soul rewarding. A must.  Write about what is gratefulness daily.  This is the perfect season to restart, goal set and redefine what is important.  

Nature - Glorious - Reckless - Magnificent

"There is ugliness in this world." 

Nature is glorious with the moments of incredible beauty and sinister darkness.  However, beauty always prevails and even in the bleakest chapters of natures violence the glimmer of light brings hope.  When on walks admire the sky, the clouds, the bees, the flowers, the trees, the ocean, and everything moving.  Our world is glorious, infinite, and profound.  

Forever Fabulous

"The disarray." 

It is a blessing to live on this grand planet.  I love makeup and it does inspire confidence.  Given that, behind the makeup for everyone lies a tale.  A story of hardship, tragedy, pain, love, and contentment of life's journey.  It is the beauty inside that awakens and brings forth contentment. Treasuring the positive is at the forefront along with forgiveness.  There are enlightening books available reveling in the uniqueness of the human plight. Dig deep and see beauty even during the hardest times.  And, of course, wear makeup for extra sparkle. 

The Power of Animals

"I choose to see the beauty.  To believe there is an order to our days. A purpose." 

Our pets are second children.   My cats, Gracie, and Henry, bring joy into my world every day.  I suspect your pets do the same for you.   Take extra time playing with them and giving love to these precious ones.  Their innocence and light remind me the power of unconditional love.  They see the beauty in us, and we see the beauty in them.  

Dolores Abernathy, Westworld, (HBO)

"I Choose to See the Beauty" 


Fill the mind and soul daily with words or kindness, wisdom, laughter, and love. Keep eyes wide open.  The day may have a few hiccups with friends and family.  Forgive and forget.  We are living through an extraordinary period in history.  Eyes wide open.  Life is a gift.  In the meantime, "I choose to see the beauty in this world." 

Until Next Time, 

 Comments are welcome.  Thanks for reading! 


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