Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022


It is Here!  Back to Basics!

The annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has arrived.  The pre-sale has been going on for a while to Nordstrom cardholders. The sale will open to the public on Friday, July 15th

From my perspective, the sale in 2022 is about acquiring "basic wardrobe attire."  For instance, snap up lingerie, bras, boots, a warm winter coat and mascara.  My goal is to only purchase items that are lasting and not something that I will get rid of in a year. Interestingly though understandable, I did not see my favorites from last year on sale again this year.  For instance, Rag & Bone cashmere sweaters on sale last year were the ultimate for wintery days. I wore them repeatedly through the cold months. The current economy is not doing anyone any favors.  Everything, as we all know, has become insanely and outrageously expensive and many high-end brands are not participating in the sale.

This does not mean you cannot find a few fabulous pieces. Of course, you can.  Perhaps it is a piece of fine jewelry or a warm coat?  A good question to ask yourself is, "Will this item last the next several years or ten years?" "And will it not break my wallet?" 

Additionally, the classics, vintage looks and pieces, with lots of color in apparel is back in style.   If you are a Forever Chic Style reader, then you know that purchasing trendy clothing is a waste of money.  It always ends up in consignment, donation (a terrific move) or in a landfill.  If you care about the environment, think wisely.

 Also, loud, and prominent logos are out in accessories, handbags and apparel in 2022.  I recently read an article about purchasing a leather belt without a logo.  These are hard to find, yet everyone is seeking them out.  Demand quality and craftsmanship without sporting a flashy brand label. You will find brands that have small logos, which is perfectly fine.  They are not as noticeable. Words to live by - classic, minimal, and timeless. 

My Best Selections

The North Face

Best Warm Coat - I purchased one at the sale last year and wore non-stop.  550 fill-goose down insulates from the cold.  Super comfortable, warm and soft.  I love mine and am tempted to get in white. 

    Mascara & More


Best Lashes, Lashes, Lashes  - The best mascara and eye makeup remover.


Best Block Pump - Comfortable, beautiful, waterproof and made of quality leather.  Black is sold out in most sizes.  


Best Long Lashes & Brows  - Do you want long lashes and lush brows?  Look no further. 

Joe's Jeans

Best Fall Jean - Polished, high waisted ankle and so comfortable jeans.  Skip wide leg versions.  Think classic, worn with boots all the while flattering the silhouette. 

That is it for today.  There is more.  Stay tuned.  Happy pre-shopping if you are eligible.   Everyone can partake this coming Friday, July 15th. 

That's a Wrap!

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